Ho-Ag – Doctor Cowboy

Doctor Cowboy

If albums were people, this album might just be the guy at the party who you’re not too excited to see but who nonetheless comes over to you, stands a little too close, and can’t wait to tell you about his clever new way of, say, keeping the slugs out of his garden. It’s clear that he’s sincere and happy about the endeavor but he’s maybe not aware that not everybody shares that enthusiasm. He’s a nice enough guy – just not someone you’d want to take on a road trip.

The cuts on Doctor Cowboy jump with energy and the band has it together musically. The CD shows off the band’s quirky new-wave/pop style well enough. Maybe it’s missing a little oomph, a little swagger, a little something extra. It’s full of nervous energy but not in the way of early Talking Heads – probably more like Heavy Vegetable (good enough in bursts but hard to take in large doses).

I’m sure the band has a great time live and gets people moving. Ho-Ag might work best as a party band rather than an anthropomorphized partygoer.