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Siouxsie – Mantaray

Siouxsie MantarayThe iconic and inimitable Siouxsie Sioux is back with a solo album titled Mantaray and, this time around her lyrics and vocal delivery reflect the passage of time and her endurance of personal turmoil (she recently divorced Budgie, the long-time drummer of Siouxsie and The Banshees). The commanding Siouxsie continues to be a force … [Read more...]

Anna Kashfi – Procurement

Anna KashfiProcurementAlthough singer Sian Webley and multi-instrumentalist James Youngjohns (along with various part-time accomplices) have been trading under the Anna Kashfi name for the best part of a decade now, Procurement is only the band’s second proper album. Whilst this sluggish release rate may have more to do with peripatetic record … [Read more...]

Mock Orange – Captain Love

Mock OrangeCaptain LoveCarnivalesque, bombastic, and strikingly original, the third release from Mock Orange is a splendid album by an exciting and burgeoning band. It can be confidently stated that nearly a decade in the undercurrent, Captain Love elevates the Evansville, Indiana quartet to the echelon of America's premier indie rock bands. The … [Read more...]

Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst

Conor OberstConor OberstThe first thing that comes to mind with the release of this Conor Oberst solo album is why it's not a Bright Eyes album. Conor Oberst has been using Bright Eyes as his musical outlet for over a decade now so why this sudden shift to a solo effort? Especially when some of the ancillary musicians remain the same, this time … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Something In Construction presents: Building With Strings

Various ArtistsSomething In Construction presents: Building With StringsI like compilations. Always have done. Two things about them: 1) I get to hear some often quite interesting new bands & 2) those bands often select their best work, particularly when, as on this example, there are 19 tracks to choose from, and few of the bands (with the … [Read more...]

The Walkmen – You & Me

The WalkmenYou & MeLet’s make one quick distinction, The Walkmen are much more than a hit song (“The Rat”.) And though that song certainly jump started the accolades and attention they so richly deserved, this is a genuinely bad-ass band. Ironic it is that that style of rocker, loose and vibrant, flamboyant and spunky, is nowhere to be found on … [Read more...]

Interview with soft targets

The band soft targets hails from Tallahassee, Florida and features members Jesse Corry on vocals and guitar, Steven Gillespie on drums, percussion, and vocals, and Nate Sadler on bass, keyboard, and vocals. The guys took some time before their headlining tour of the U.S. to go over the creation of their music and lyrics, influences and … [Read more...]

Victorian Halls – Springteen

Victorian HallsSpringteenI have an indirect connection to the punk and hardcore scene. A bunch of my friends in high school were big into it - they sported Op Ivy patches on their backpacks and Rancid stickers on their car, they smuggled cheap whiskey into church basement shows, and they planned to attend Rutgers in the fall. When we would drive … [Read more...]

Woodbox Gang – Drunk As Dragons

Woodbox GangDrunk As DragonsOk, so Woodbox Gang is a country jug band, not unlike Old Crow Medicine Show, which may not be something you'd expect out of Alternative Tentacles, except with AT, you never really know what to expect. It's just kind of a surreal and bizarre thing to be reviewing in 2008, mostly because of bands like Against Me! taking … [Read more...]

Action Strasse – American Gas Jive

Action StrasseAmerican Gas JivePop and garage rock tie the knot on Action Strasse's debut, American Gas Jive. This lean album keeps a low profile: The song writing is simple, the music stripped down, and the musicians play with a poker face. In fact, if the music weren't so friendly, one might think Action Strasse is a little dry. But they are not. … [Read more...]