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65daysofstatic – The Fall of Math

65daysofstaticThe Fall of Math It took me a while to get to this album. I regret that I didn't have time to absorb it as much before, because after this I'm positive that it will be in heavy rotation. Teeming with power and intensity comes The Fall of Match, from the UK's 65daysofstatic. An album originally released in Europe in 2004, The Fall of … [Read more...]

Navy Of The Nice – Navy Of The Nice 7″

Navy Of The NiceNavy Of The Nice 7"It’s Christmas in July when a new stack of 7-inchers arrives on your doorstep. At the top of the heap and sticking out with its Suicide Squeeze-like art work is the first offering from Navy Of The Nice. The project of one man band Nick Jackson these 4 songs show plenty of promise for the future while drawing … [Read more...]

Duchess Says – Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs

Duchess SaysAnthologie des 3 PerchoirsAs a reviewer of independent music, I always keep an open mind as to a band’s intentions and aspirations. Even if the music isn’t necessarily original, I give credit for the effort and determination to create something for people to enjoy founded solely on their dreams. For me to completely trash a work without … [Read more...]

Japanese Sunday – Taps Taps Lights Out

Japanese SundayTaps Taps Lights Out Japanese Sunday play ambient progressive rock. On their new LP, Taps Taps Lights Out, clean tones converse in a brooding internal dialog that inevitably cracks. The release comes amplified in distorted highs and lows. Song parts alter and shift but, for better or worse, the overcast dysphoria never lifts. This … [Read more...]

Paavoharju – Laulu Laakson Kukista

PaavoharjuLaulu Laakson Kukista I have no idea what the word Paavoharju means. I also have no idea what Laulu Laakson Kukista, the title of the Finnish group's newest album, means either. The point I'm making with this is that language is not a barrier to enjoyment here and I'm assuming that most of you, like me, do not speak Finnish. The music … [Read more...]

Idiot – 2008 Demo

Idiot2008 DemoIdiot, consisting of Nyberg on vox/guitar, Sean Lynch on drums and Jeff Yanchek on bass, met at a Hanson concert according to their Myspace. I think that's probably a wind-up, since the Hanson influences are few and far between on this demo (fortunately, or maybe not depending on your perspective). Instead this sounds like a very … [Read more...]

Mono In VCF – s/t

Mono In VCFs/tSometimes a band or artist will foolishly lead with the strongest track on their record, thereby setting a near impossible standard for the rest of the album. "Space Oddity," on the album of the same name, is often noted as a popular example of this. Bowie probably had no idea that he was leading his record with what was to be his … [Read more...]

Beat Circus – Dreamland

Beat CircusDreamlandDreamland, Beat Circus' second release, is proof positive that the concept album did not die with vinyl records and is still very much alive. In fact it is one of the most ambitious and peculiar musical endeavors I've ever experienced. Billed as the first part in a "Weird American Gothic" trilogy, it features a 150-page musical … [Read more...]

CSS – Donkey

CSSDonkeyThe story goes that Beyoncé Knowles (of Destiny’s Child, Showgirls, and Jay-Z fame) once said she was “tired of being sexy.” Wait, why am I starting a review with Beyoncé? Oh yeah, so an up and coming, electronic pop, Brazilian band found out and thought it was so dumb and funny — at the same time — that they named themselves … [Read more...]

The Future Of The Ghost – Freak Out

The Future Of The GhostFreak OutThe Future of the Ghost is a little band from Utah that could do big things one day. The titular "Freak Out" has this great defiant energy to it. "Counter Culture In The Twenty First Century" has this Ramones-esque simplicity to it, with dour chords strummed underneath a whiny, descending vocal line. "Kick You In The … [Read more...]