No Age – El Paso – Club 101, Texas – 2008-06-29

No Age
Where: El Paso – Club 101, Texas.

When: 2008-06-29

Things were definitely a bit sloppy; everything from the ordering of the bands, to their set times, to where the concert was being held, were all questionable. The band’s myspace and their label’s site (Sub Pop) listed an 8PM show, being held at The Blue Iguana. Trust me, I spoke to the Iguana’s general manager five times leading up to the concert and he had no idea they were even having live music that day. Sometime around Saturday, my friend gave me a call and told me that he saw a poster for the concert and that it had changed venues and times. One call to the nearest music store and I was advised that they were not selling tickets and that they had barely found out — the day before the show — that No Age were coming. But all of these obstacles did not stop No Age, the LA-based duo, from putting on an energetic, riveting and incredible show.

Even with only two members, they are able to get even the smallest crowd into a frenzied trance and the sounds they are able to create are gripping. So it was no surprise that when the tandem finally took the stage, around 11:30 on a late Sunday night, that they were outstanding. As expected, the band is still riding the high created by their first proper album, Nouns. They dashed their way through noisy, rocking songs like “Teen Creeps,” “Brain Burner,” and “Cappo.” These songs were highlighted by Randy Randall’s feverish guitar playing and Dean Spunt’s thumping drums and unrestrained vocals.

Midway through the set, Spunt got up from his drum set to join Randall for a few songs together. One featured the both of them playing guitars and was a new song entitled, “Scheduling Mishaps,” how fitting. It conveyed a much calmer sound and the two gently stroked their guitars. It is available only on the band’s tour on a colored 7”; the other side features a new song by Liars. They then attempted to re-create the thriving, “Things I Did When I Was Dead.” Something was noticeably not working and they got halfway through it before giving up. This was no biggie; Spunt rejoined his drums and the band tore through songs off their compilation album from last year, Weirdo Rippers.

The band ended the night with a wildly exciting performance of “Eraser.” The crowd moshed their way in front of the stage and Randall even showed some emotion as he lifted himself off the front amp to deliver a great leap. They left the stage for fifteen seconds before returning for a quick encore. The show ended with the trembling “Neck Escaper” and everyone in the crowd was left drenched, wanting more.

So no matter what the complication is, No Age are true showmen. They walked around the club the entire night, helping the other acts set up, sound check and even carried their equipment for them after they played. They are two friendly, down to earth, amicable guys who are true musicians. I strongly suggest anyone out there to go see them live and to buy their music, they are the real deal.