Time Since Western – Inside Out

Time Since Western
Inside Out

Bluesy, minimalist, and starkly poignant, “Inside Out” is a tantalizing new track by Andrew Brawner, recorded under the name Time Since Western. Perhaps most well-known for his contributions to Pale Young Gentlemen’s brilliant debut album, Brawner’s solo effort deftly shows his musical talents, from his poetic, introspective lyrics to his quiet, melodic croon. With dark and somewhat mysterious undertones, “Inside Out” goes beyond the norm of acoustic rock, offering twists and surprises reminiscent of the ever-present creativity in PYG’s tunes. Considerably less bubbly and far more understated than his work with his previous band, Time Since Western’s bass lines are outstanding, and when coupled with Brawner’s euphonious warble, “Inside Out” sounds more like old-school, film noir lounge music than contemporary rock, and wonderfully so. It does, however, manage to remain modern and hip, even while channeling some sort of vintage troubadour vibes. Time Since Western’s other tracks do not all have this quality, but are very good nonetheless. With some live shows on the horizon in the Milwaukee area, Brawner’s music definitely warrants a closer look, and his complete record, A Sun Goes Down, will be out mid-June.