The Whiskers – The Distorted Historian

The Whiskers
The Distorted Historian

The Whiskers’ Distorted Historian has an odd, pastiche feel to it. The music is either minimalist or dramatic, the singing is either Freddie Mercury or Interpol, and the flow of the album seems a little off. It’s all a bit schizophrenic.

Do you like histrionic ballads? Check out “Rouge.” A little Manitoba? Try “Enlightenment in Two Parts.” Old China Crisis crossed with some Bauhuas? What you’d want in that case is “Sails.”

We’re talking Casio beats, little bits of guitar, some keyboards… bedroom music, basically. Even though the singer who sounds like Interpol-interpreted-by-Peter-Murphy emotes almost all of his notes, it’s hard to share in the drama. He’s into it but it’s hard to connect with it. Some of that may have to do with the random beats and keyboards (“Autopia”) that feel like they were just put there as a backdrop.

When the Supertramp/Bohemian-Rhapsody singer takes over, it’s also not quite right. “U-92” has more random Casio drum fills and cymbals punctuating a running keyboard melody and keyboard chords that clash (purposefully?) with the rest of the music.

This CD feels incoherent to me. Maybe I’m just not on the right wavelength.