Numbero6 – Da Piccolissimi Pezzi

Da Piccolissimi Pezzi

It seems that Bonnie “Prince” Billy is branching out internationally. After lending his vocals in French to last years’ “La Chambre” on Soy Un Caballo’s album, he mixes his dusty vocals with the romantic Italian language in Numbero6’s latest EP Quando Arriva La Gente Si Sente Meglio The great news is that the entire EP is available via free download directly from the band’s website.

“Da Piccolissimi Pezzi”, translated as “The Smallest Pieces”, opens with fuzzy keyboards over electronic drum beats before an electric guitar adds a layer of fuzzed-out melody notes thats is simple but catchy. Somewhere an acoustic guitar can be heard through the haze. The “Prince”’s vocals enter, dusty and cracking, as if he hadn’t warmed up his pipes yet. Keyboard notes weave around the vocals that are almost hard to believe aren’t coming from the lips of a native Italian. His aching voice sounds so good in the foreign tongue that one forgets that they may not actually understand the meaning of the words.

Halfway through his voices drops back into a mellow wail followed by a fuzzy, muffled version of itself. The words weave through layers of minimal guitar, keyboards and drum beats before jumping fully back into the catchy beats of the first half and adding in full backing vocals by the rest of the band.

The song jams its way out with electric guitar over sustained drum and acoustic guitar rhythms. Before the song even reaches the end you are already looking for the repeat button.