Marvin Ayres – Eccentric Deliquescence

Marvin Ayres
Eccentric Deliquescence

Marvin Ayres is a modern classical composer who specializes in ambient orchestral minimalism. He effectively weaves piano and classical string instruments such as violins, cellos and violas with experimental electronica and slumberous timbres to create shadowy soundtracks to mysterious worlds.

Imaginative, yet simplistic, the slowly shifting waves of hypnotic tones on Eccentric Deliquescence are centered around beautiful and soft piano lines as moderately menacing string overtones effectively create an elegiac mood that can be both disquieting and peaceful.

Ayres occasionally adds echoing, multi-tracked voices to his winding compositions that at times blend gently with the music creating a more angelic effect and at other times the swirling voices are more upfront and approach Gregorian chant territory, but all are tastefully done keeping the ambient orchestral minimalism intact.

The 14 tracks ebb and flow over 59 minutes with delicate sonic soundscapes, classical ambient strings and contemporary electronica techniques, resulting in hauntingly beautiful atmospheric pieces that should please fans of ambient music.

Recommended Tracks: “Androgynous Weave”, “I Wish I Was The Sky” and “”Forever Is Now”