Hats And Glasses – s/t EP

This is really charming, really. Hats And Glasses is just starting up as a band with its first, self-titled EP, but the members have all the energy in the world. They write blistering, unapologetic rock songs. They have this old, warm, trebly tone that sizzles out of your speakers. They have razor-thin guitars that skewer through the rough, pounding percussion. It’s straight forward blues, but with whimsical lyrics (“third time’s a charm / even if it’s four”) and white hot, crunchy rhythms.

It’s clear that this is a band on a budget, but that hardly matters when the songs are this fun. I love the nasally warble in the vocals, and the piercing guitars, and that delicious tone offsets any complaints about the richness and fullness of the sound. It has a real, organic feel to it, like your sister’s homemade butterscotch cookies. Sure, she’s not the best cook, but there’s love in those cookies, and though they may be a little burnt on the edges, they’re still a great snack.