Genuine Sun – Return

Genuine Sun

Delusions Of Adequacy is named as such with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm and is really meant to provide music fans a portal to independent music on the cutting edge. Unfortunately circumstances exist where this is not always possible. Case in point is Genuine Sun’s debut album Return. There is nothing cutting or edgy about it, so Genuine Sun can be tagged with delusions of adequacy without a hint of sarcasm.

The 12 tracks on Return are basically a diluted form of mainstream rock with little variation between tracks and puerile lyrics regarding affairs of the heart. There’s nothing appealing enough to make repeated plays worthwhile. There are no exciting poly-rhythmic counter rhythms or layered orchestrations. No gritty indie-rock or experimental open passages and no wild instrumental solos. Just simple and bland, bar-friendly rock that does little to engage the listener.

The Cleveland, Ohio quartet use piano, guitars, bass and drums to concoct harmless, predictable and formulaic fluff-rock that gets played on Midwestern FM radio stations between the Eagles, Daughtry and Sheryl Crow. If that sounds appealing, you may like this record if you can tolerate the lyrics.

Recommended Tracks: None