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Kris Delmhorst – Shotgun Singer

Kris DelmhorstShotgun SingerIt takes some effort to truly enjoy Shotgun Singer from solo artist Kris Delmhorst, but with an open ear and open mind it can fully engulf you in no time. What’s impressive is how epic in scope this album is considering she recorded it on her own with guest players in a rural cabin. It’s not a perfect folk record by any … [Read more...]

Birds of Avalon – Baltimore – Rams Head Live, Maryland – 2008-06-27

Birds of AvalonWhere: Baltimore - Rams Head Live, Maryland.When: 2008-06-27The most exciting shows a band can perform are the ones just before the release of a highly anticipated album. Seeing Wilco a few days before A Ghost Is Born was set for release was easily one of the most exciting shows I’ve attended. As cliché as it may sound the … [Read more...]

Numbero6 – Da Piccolissimi Pezzi

Numbero6Da Piccolissimi PezziIt seems that Bonnie “Prince” Billy is branching out internationally. After lending his vocals in French to last years’ “La Chambre” on Soy Un Caballo’s album, he mixes his dusty vocals with the romantic Italian language in Numbero6’s latest EP Quando Arriva La Gente Si Sente Meglio The great news is that the entire EP … [Read more...]

Genuine Sun – Return

Genuine SunReturnDelusions Of Adequacy is named as such with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm and is really meant to provide music fans a portal to independent music on the cutting edge. Unfortunately circumstances exist where this is not always possible. Case in point is Genuine Sun's debut album Return. There is nothing cutting or edgy about it, so … [Read more...]

Aufgehoben – Khora

AufgehobenKhoraWhen I think of all the mutant strains of noise and/or noise-rock out there, Aufgehoben still has a way of sounding wonderfully singular. Their noise is a wholly distinct one and although it operates as a group, Aufgehoben shares more in common with academic noise architects like Kevin Drumm or Russell Haswell than the negative creep … [Read more...]

The Weepies – Hideaway

The WeepiesHideawayA weepy is described as someone that is prone to cry. Some chick flicks used to be negatively referred to as “weepies,” mostly by men who couldn’t stand them. What Deb Talan and Steve Tannen have attempted to do is re-create the term so that it can comprise alternate connotations. On the duo’s latest effort, Hideaway, they have … [Read more...]

Whatfor – Sooner Late Than Never

WhatforSooner Late Than NeverWhatfor mastermind Michael Sienkowski loves the Beatles. It's all over the songs on his latest album Sooner Late Than Never. From the opening chords to the last vocal harmony, the album had a classic rock feel that never relents. There's nothing you haven't heard here, but Sienkowski is a more than capable … [Read more...]

Capillary Action – So Embarrassing

Capillary ActionSo EmbarrassingAnyone that can make it through the 31 minutes of So Embarrassing, the latest offering from Seattle’s Capillary Action, without suffering a seizure is either deaf or a diehard veteran of late 90’s spazzed out indie rock. Exciting genre bounding rock, the likes of which were pioneered by Brainiac, Trenchmouth, and the … [Read more...]

Ghost Buffalo – The Magician

Ghost BuffaloThe MagicianThe Magician gathers aftershocks of late 90's alternative rock, when bands as disparate as Quicksand, Hum, and Deftones shared thunderous, ringing chords and a penchant for emotive vocals. That ominous rumble returns here as Ghost Buffalo moves their second release away from alt-country towards the sinister folds of … [Read more...]

Adron – Adron

AdronAdronFemale singer-songwriters are not all that prevalent in current music, even with the likes of powerhouses such as Feist and Cat Power. Adrienne McCann, recording under the name Adron, seems to be well on her way to making a name for herself as a legitimate solo talent. Hailing from Brooklyn and boasting a culturally diverse array of … [Read more...]