Tempo No Tempo – Repetition EP

Tempo No Tempo
Repetition EP

The way I see it, EPs are a extended ads for the band. They should entice you to go see a show, go check out the full length, go tell all your friends about this great new band that opened for Cold War Kids or someone like that.

To do that, you need polish, or at least some substantial, meaty songs to whet the appetite. Tempo No Tempo fails to deliver the polish, and while the Repetition EP is far from terrible, it doesn’t really offer much to sink into.

The real problem is not the songs themselves – these are some decent rock songs, with catchy, upbeat melodies. The real problem is the dreadful feeling of tedium. Tempo No Tempo makes good on the titular promise – every song sounds eerily similar. There is not enough sonic variation to hold my interest. But that is not to say this is a bad record – the songs are decent, just unrefined. There is a lot of potential here, but Tempo No Tempo are guilty of some basic song writing mistakes. The vocals don’t push the melody further, the drum beats drone in the front of the track instead of providing a solid rhythm, the distorted guitars sound flimsy and weak – I could go on and on. I feel there is a lot of promise here, but Tempo No Tempo needs to mature and grow, fast. As is, I can’t recommend them. But I’d be willing to check back with them in a few years.