Mussels – Little Voices

Little Voices

Out of Brooklyn comes a quartet that has a really interesting sound. It mixes up the vocal stylings of Pinback and Foo Fighters with elaborate guitar work in the Built to Spill style and is full of frantic arrangements mixed with pop elements like many Modest Mouse tunes. Mussels has done a nice job pulling bits and pieces from some of these indie greats and whipping it all together into music that is not an instant copy of anyone but rather a nice original sound.

While the band has a full length album album out called Little Voices, I will be focusing on just the title track from that album. The song opens with rolling rounds of drums and guitar in a great build up that releases into a slow jam full of distortion. The mellow tempo rolls along on a bed jangly guitars and when the vocals enter it’s in an echoing double-tracked fashion reminiscent of Pinback with a singing/yelling melody.

There is plenty of elaborate and yet vague guitar work infused in the track that weaves around the vocals in good ol’ fashioned Built to Spill style. These guys not only know how to do catchy, well-layered pop but they can get down and rock it late 90’s style. There’s a little something for everyone here and their stuff is definitely worth a listen.