Caribou – El Paso – Club 101, Texas – 2008-04-26

Where: El Paso – Club 101, Texas.

When: 2008-04-26

Electronic musician Caribou, Daniel Snaith, has been crafting and creating his brand of music for quite some time and although he is a solo artist his live shows are backed by a live band. This Saturday “early show” was filled with great musical moments by Snaith and his highly capable, intense band.

This was referred to as an early show because the doors were opened at 7:30 and the concert promptly began at 7:45. Electronic noise-duo, Fuck Buttons, opened their set with walls of reverb, fuzz and minimal touches. Most of the crowd appeared to be in a hazy trance as they watched the two musicians sway back and forth. They set up on a long table with the members on opposite sides. Andrew Hung was on the left side and he manned the laptop and a few toy keyboards, Ben Power was on the left side and he did some vocals, drumming and also had keyboards and mixers. Being a new fan of the band I was able to get into their terrific versions of songs from their fantastic 2008 album, Street Horrrsing. The highlight was “Bright Tomorrow” as the band performed it with a fresh and exciting twist.

After that, Snaith and his band quickly set up and were playing by 8:30. Though they only played for about an hour, the set was filled with wonderful choices from previous albums and the band had a refined intensity that was entrancing. Ahmed Gallab of Sinkane shined as he simply ripped and trashed on the drums with a confident ability. Snaith’s bass and guitar player mainly stood in the back but the interesting part was watching Snaith. He played multiple instruments including guitar, keyboards, glockenspiel, drums and of course, he sung as well.

The best moments were when the band performed songs off of Snaith’s stellar 2007 album, Andorra. Songs like “Melody Day” and “She’s the One” were re-hashed in an excellent fashion. Lights flashed in the background and the band obviously knew what they were doing. And Snaith, being an accomplished drummer on his own, would often join Gallab to create a loud and bombastic sound.

All in all, it was a great night filled with incredibly melodic music. It’s obvious that Fuck Buttons is going places and its members only going to improve and grow as musicians and performers. As for Snaith, he is already a bonafide force and with his latest album (his best one by far, in my book) is still adding weapons to his arsenal. I thoroughly enjoyed their sets and I strongly encourage anyone out there to check them out.