Blind Willies – If You Was a Good Pimp

Blind Willies
If You Was a Good Pimp

So many good albums, so little time! I really enjoyed the Blind Willies’ debut album, The Unkindness of Ravens – so much so that it made the number 7 slot on my Top 10 of 2007 list. I was thrilled when the new Blind Willies disc, Everybody’s Looking for a Meal, arrived recently. Though it’s a great album, I just haven’t found the time to do a full review that can do justice to the music here, so I thought I’d focus on one track – “If You Was a Good Pimp”.

Other than having a great title, “If You Was a Good Pimp” shows off everything great about this duo. Annie Staninec (fiddle) and Alexei Wajchman (guitar, vocals) play off each other expertly here. Both the guitar and fiddle rock and roll off each other like nobody’s business, and Staninec’s chorus vocals give a gospel feel to Wajchman’s more earnest singing.

Since I heard the first Blind Willies disc I’ve felt that Wajchman has a knack for writing lyrics, and this song is no exception. Consider “If you was a good pimp, Jesus would be smiling. I’m no two-bit mama, I’m no trash bag sister. You better play it right, I ain’t gonna hook for you no more.” I love it! Just like “Last Rites in December” from the debut moved me emotionally, this tune makes me shuffle and shimmy.

“If You Was a Good Pimp” is a fine example of what the Blind Willies is all about. I hope Annie and Alexei continue to follow this path, and continue to make great music. If I had a proper place to host, I’d be all over inviting these two by for a backyard party into the wee hours. Grilling, drinks, good friends, and the Blind Willies sounds like a perfect summer Saturday night to me!