Sera Cahoone – Only as the Day is Long

Sera Cahoone
Only as the Day is Long

Throughout her career, Sera Cahoone has been plenty involved with the indie scene for quite some time now. Cahoone was the drummer of the late band, Carissa’s Wierd and when that band broke up, Ben Bridwell and Matt Brooke kept her along to play drums on their band’s 2006 album, Everything All the Time. A year before that album was released Cahoone self-released her debut album showing promising signs of musicianship. Finally, wanting to break through the mold of being just a drummer, Cahoone has fully arrived as a sweet-sounding, singer/songwriter on her new album, Only as the Day is Long.

From the opening minutes of “You Might As Well” it is apparent that this is a talented musician on her own. Cahoone’s tender and pleasant voice is impressively delivered. She shines with an effortless delivery that is both genuine and mature. The music on this album is another impressive trait. This sounds like a musician that has been making music for ten years now and though Cahoone has, she hasn’t done it all on her own. Her backing band follows her lead as her voice and guitar playing drive these songs.

Songs like “Happy When I’m Gone” and “Runnin’ Your Way” chug right along with a pouring force of country rock. Cahoone is recalling greats like Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, and is very reminiscent of current greats Chan Marshall and Neko Case. Her voice certainly resembles the latter but her music is multi-faceted in many ways.

Other songs like “Tryin’” are infused with soft and somber music. The twangy guitar is a terrific touch and it adds a soulful feel to the song. The plucking banjo and harmonica are fittingly suited on the title track “Only as the Day is Long” and Cahoone’s almost whispering approach at the end of the song is a great move. One of the highlights of this album is one of the centerpieces, “Shitty Hotel.” The music is placid, yet vivid with guitar and more harmonica; the chorus is a full-sounding experience with the entire band helping out as Cahoone sings her evocative “Whoa….” The next song is the slow burning, “You’re Not Broken.” The song is a touching ballad that features some of the best instrumentation, the strings towards the end are wonderful and the guitar sounds (both acoustic and electric) make it one of the best songs on here.

There is a lot to enjoy on this wonderful slice of country styled rock. Cahoone is a gifted songwriter and musician that will only improve as her career progresses. And this is a great introduction to her music because this is a picturesque, amiable, soft and tender album—the lyrics swell with great passages and the music is beguiling. It may not be the hands down best thing released all year but it is certainly a solid, good album from start to finish.