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Interview with Trever Keith

I had a chance to review the album by Trever Keith titled Melancholics Anonymous a while back and I truly loved it. This was the newest material I had heard from the front man of quite possibly the most influential band my ears have been blessed to come across: Face to Face. I’m pleased to announce that I had the chance to talk to Trever before he … [Read more...]

The Dodos – Visiter

The DodosVisiterSo what’s the deal with so many indie bands squeezing in antiquated and otherworldly influences into their music? Maybe it’s just that in our day and age, where so much music is deemed as derivative and/or insipid, it’s just too hard to find that fresh, new sound. What The Dodos, duo Meric Long and Logan Kroeber, do on their first … [Read more...]

Grand National – A Drink & A Quick Decision

Grand NationalA Drink & A Quick DecisionUp-tempo and diverse electro-pop from UK duo Grand National is a refreshing departure from the norm, drawing from many genres and playing with a complexity that makes it hard to believe that there are only two guys in this band. Punchy rhythms and melodic vocals keep it current, since it draws from … [Read more...]

Triclops! – Out of Africa

Triclops!Out of AfricaIt is a tragic and rare occurrence for a band to create a song far greater than anything else they’ve done. Aerosmith had “Dream On,” Queen had “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and the Grateful Dead (at least in reference to the rest of the same album) had “Terrapin Station,” just to name a few. Out of Africa, the debut LP from Triclops!, … [Read more...]

Carl Creighton – Minnesota

Carl CreightonMinnesotaNew York singer/songwriter Carl Creighton has delivered a pleasant enough debut. The water treaded is safe and Creighton does a respectable enough job of allowing his tender tenor to shine through on many of the songs. Although some of the wordplay sounds forced and almost, in some cases, flawed there are enough brighter … [Read more...]

The Mae Shi – Hlllyh

The Mae ShiHlllyhI apologize in advance for the Grateful Dead reference, but the long, strange trip The Mae Shi takes you on with Hlllyh is quite worth witnessing a few omnipresent, psychedelic mushroom-inspired, white people dances. The record isn’t for everyone (least of all Grateful Dead fans), but it is fascinating by its controlled chaos and … [Read more...]

Ellen Allien – SOOL

Ellen AllienSOOLEllen Allien's career has been nothing but explosive. From the ass-shaking intensity of her debut, Stadtkind, to the subdued, under-the-surface rumble of Orchestra of Bubbles, her 2006 collaboration with Apparat. Taking just as many cues from IDM than just Techno or House, Ellen Allien always manages to build a beautiful, complex … [Read more...]

Pattern Is Movement – All Together

Pattern Is MovementAll TogetherPattern of Movement is back with another album, the third release and the band's third label. All Together has a soft and almost playful attitude to it, to the point where some of these mellow tracks sound like lullabies ("Tragedy," I'm looking at you). Singing carries the day on this record, and its prominence … [Read more...]

R.E.M. – Accelerate

R.E.M.AccelerateHave you noticed how most, if not all, of the critics who have reviewed R.E.M.’s new album, Accelerate, sound like huge fanboys of the band? And that’s not a crack on the writers, by no means, that’s just a credit to a band who is one of the best American bands of all time. So when I was presented the opportunity to review this … [Read more...]

Sun Kil Moon – April

Sun Kil MoonAprilMark Kozelek returns this April under the Sun Kil Moon moniker, releasing the aptly-titled April (the follow-up to his critically-lauded Ghosts Of The Great Highway album from 2003) on his own Caldo Verde record label. April is known as the "cruelest month" and "April showers bring May flowers", and true to those adages, many of … [Read more...]