New Grenada – Model Citizen EP

New Grenada
Model Citizen EP

New Grenada has a history similar to so many other bands – starting out with tons of energy matched (or exceeded) only by its level of piss and vinegar, being ravenous enough to live the life of poor musicians, and struggling with a revolving cast of drummers. You do it all for years, release as much material as you can, tour all the time, and then wake up one day and realize you’ve grown up. Maybe you got married and bought a house, maybe you’re just tired of living out of boxes. Most of us 30-somethings can probably appreciate the whole growing-up thing, band or not. The question is, whether you lay down and let the better aspects of your youth fade into memory or whether you adjust to your new found adulthood with the same enthusiasm you once approached all-night keggers.

With groups like New Grenada you realize – if you hadn’t already – that growing up doesn’t have to mean slowing down and losing your edge. The band’s latest release, the Model Citizen EP, is just four songs, but man are they great tunes! The music is pure rock n’ roll – nice and fuzzy bass with chunky guitar and garage band drumming. Popping this EP in will help you rediscover your youthful angst for sure – the four tracks here are all world-weary enough to make you want to give the little hipsters invading your favorite bar a smackdown.

While the first two songs, “My Spirits Go Down Along With Sun” and “January 1st” are quite good, it’s the second half of the Model Citizen EP that really shine. The title track is an easy favorite, with its low-fi punk feel. This one reminds me a lot of a more mature, less pop oriented Weezer. “I Will Let You Know Why” is a meaty number, and is the longest tune at just under 3 minutes. In fact, there are just barely 8.5 minutes of music on the Model Citizen EP. Far too short for such a great band!

For those used to Asaurus Records’ CD-R format, fear not. Although this disc is manufactured and comes in a jewel case, the insert features two transparencies overlaid on the liner. Pretty cool! There are also four versions of the cover art available.

If you miss good, old fashioned indie rock without all the pretentious bullshit, please look no further then New Grenada. An EP like Model Citizen will never be sufficient, and not living any where near the band’s Detroit stomping grounds means no live shows to be had. Still, these four songs keep me hopeful and I guess that’s enough.