Midnight Falling – Beautiful Pearl

Midnight Falling
Beautiful Pearl

Midnight Falling released Beautiful Pearl when the band was a duo and they were called Midnight. The New Hampshire duo of Silvio Giarratana (instruments)and Stacey Scerbo (vocals/lyrics) have since been joined by Billy Mitchell on bass and Kevin Therrien on drums and have promised a harder rhythmic and rock edge for their future albums. For now we have an inconsistent album on which the band seem to be searching for their identity while playing through different hard-rock genres and styles.

If there is a common thread between the 10 tracks on Beautiful Pearl it’s the sentiment and sincerity in which they’re delivered. While the songs may be grounded in rock and blues, while skipping across various rock forms, the fact the band believe in what they’re doing comes through. Unfortunately what they’re doing is being done better by others.

Midnight Falling deliver an amalgam of alternative, metal, prog and indie-rock with pounding, bass-heavy licks and tripped-out, classic-rock guitar riffs with a decidedly 70’s feel. But the most beguiling component is the vocals. Scerbo has a capable and powerful voice but one that sounds more suited to singing Country than any style of rock. But this actually works as a positive on a couple of the lighter, leaner tracks like “Runnin’ That Feelin’ Down” and “Wander” that could masquerade as b-sides from a Breeders album. But mostly the vocals sound out of place with the music, lending a strangeness that doesn’t resolve itself even after many listens. There are however, a couple of tracks in which Giarratana takes the mic, but this only adds to the inconsistencies heard throughout the album.

A lack of polished production work and stagnant songwriting do little to engage the listener and other than a few atmospheric rock moments and some classic-rock sounding guitar leads, the music on Beautiful Pearl is nothing special.