Corespondents – Hairy Ghost Pipefish

Hairy Ghost Pipefish

The idea behind Corespondents is rather intriguing – Olie Eshleman and Doug Arney making what can be classified as instrumental, guitar driven, folk music. Underneath it all, Corespondents is much more than that though. Think an American version of Rodrigo y Gabriela, except simpler and with the addition of other instruments.

Hairy Ghost Pipefish opens with the somber “Westminster Fuller”. The atmosphere really sets up the rest of the album well. I fell in love with “Confessor”. It reminded me of an old western and kept building suspense throughout. “Last Day of September” is a haunting little number that showcases the guitar playing skills of the band well. This one had an almost medieval quality to it, and the guitar line moving throughout, though simple, is addicting to listen to. “Crowning” is such a great song but it’s almost, ALMOST ruined by the dialogue inserted into the background. But when you listen to it more, it fits. “Motionslob” is unlike a lot of the rest of the album. It’s like a ticking time bomb almost, and it has a Radiohead quality to it a-la Kid A. “Secret Ancient Man” reminded me of a light 60’s television theme with its bouncy guitar line. The epic “Tiny Colonel” is a really fun track to listen to and is great driving music. It almost lulls you into a sense of security and stays that way through out, but it’s a really solid track. I can’t say enough about this so I’m just going to leave the rest of the songs for the audience to experience.

Like I said before, this is an interesting concept and one that Corespondents have pulled off well. Instrumental, ambient music has been on rotation on my play list for a while and as long as these kinds of artists keep things fresh like Corespondents, I have no complaints.