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Sean Lennon – Friendly Fire

Sean LennonFriendly FireSean Lennon, the second son of Beatles’ genius John Lennon, is recognized more for his name than anything else. Born on October 9th, 1975 (his father’s 35th birthday), he has struggled to make a name for himself as a solo artist over the last decade. Fortunately, his sophomore effort, Friendly Fire, shows that Sean has a lot … [Read more...]

The Black Keys – Attack & Release

The Black KeysAttack & ReleaseWhen it was first announced that super producer, Danger Mouse, would be producing Akron, Ohio duo, The Black Keys', next album, many wondered if this would cause a mellowing in their rough and determined sound. And since they are known as a band that loves to blur the lines between funk, rock and blues; I am sure … [Read more...]

The Quarter After – Changes Near

The Quarter AfterChanges NearThe opening track of The Quarter After's Changes Near tells you a lot about the album you're about to hear. The Campanella brothers clearly have a keen sense of melody and they draw from a full compliment of musical knowledge to write their songs. You can hear everything from the Zombies to REM to CSNY in a single … [Read more...]

Okkervil River – Chicago – Riviera Theatre, IL – 2008-04-20

Okkervil RiverWhere: Chicago - Riviera Theatre, IL.When: 2008-04-20The Riviera, one of Chicago’s finest venues, was buzzing with excitement on April 20th for the highly-anticipated show featuring The New Pornographers and Okkervil River as the opening act. One of the city’s best - if not the best - radio stations, XRT, has put many a great show … [Read more...]

Zahnarzt – Mini Pony

ZahnarztMini PonyMini Pony. Wow. Where do I start? How can I keep the words to describe this…this malfunctioning calculator of an album cohesive when the music that lies within is certainly not. It’s the sound of 80’s fashion being crammed in a garbage disposal with an 808. It’s a soundtrack to Tron had it been directed by Nicolas Roeg. It’s really … [Read more...]

Little Beirut – High Dive

Little BeirutHigh DiveOut of Portland, Oregon comes a quartet that is getting ready to take indie rock, or maybe even power pop, by storm. Although not technically their first release, High Dive is their first major release with their official lineup and full rhythm section. These boys are ready to go and they’ve got a solid album to back them … [Read more...]

The Strugglers – The Latest Rights

The StrugglersThe Latest RightsThe Strugglers' music is defined, as all of the best singer/songwriter projects are, by the personality and voice of the singer, in this case Randy Bickford. In this case, the slightly gravelly voice of Bickford puts a surprising range of emotion into the modern folk/rock tracks he crafts. And the Strugglers create a … [Read more...]

Riddle of Steel – 1985

Riddle of Steel1985Finally, here is a band that knows how to deliver a proper rock album without pretensions. Riddle of Steel, consisting of Andrew Elstner (guitars/vocals), Rob Smith (drums)and Jimmy Vavak (bass/vocals), return with rhythmic, catchy riffs coated with Zeppelin-esque classic rockiness and strong vocal melodies. The album title, … [Read more...]

Tall Firs – Too Old To Die Young

Tall FirsToo Old To Die YoungOne of the things that has been most impressive of Ecstatic Peace's cache of bands has been the fact that label head Thurston Moore has managed to steer clear of the tons of bands that worship and copy the Sonic Youth sound. From the punk squeal of Be Your Own Pet to the psych folk of Wooden Wand, the roster has … [Read more...]

Tindersticks – The Hungry Saw

TindersticksThe Hungry SawAlthough this is the first new Tindersticks album since 2002’s Waiting For The Moon, it’s not like we’ve been totally deprived of the trademarked melancholic balminess in the interim. Aside from sporadic live shows (including a Don’t Look Back-sanctioned full performance of 1995’s seminal Tindersticks’ Second Album), … [Read more...]