The Catalyst – Marianas Trench 12" EP

The Catalyst
Marianas Trench 12" EP

It’s been awhile since this Philadelphian has caught whiff of a Richmond, VA hard(core) band worth paying any attention. Then the Catalyst and its 12” EP Marianas Trench finds it’s way out of the piles and on to my turntable. I think my face was nearly ripped off and I loved every second of it.

Marianas Trench is just four tracks, two that seal the Catalyst’s reputation as a hardcore/noise band and two that should be giving the group a name among stoner rock fans. “This Bike is a Gravity Bong” and “Kyle vs. Robocop” are the full-throttle earth shakers. The pair of songs attacks with walls of sound – feedback, distortion, and screaming vocals. There are shreds of melody to be found and the sludgy grooves will quickly hook right into you.

“Proceed with Caution” and “Attention Deficit Disorder” are the more stoner rock oriented pair – tuned down and slowed down for your enjoyment. “Proceed With Caution” is instrumental, while “Attention Deficit Disorder” includes vocals similar to the first two tracks. These smoky jams are the perfect sludge fest, but the Catalyst is still tightly focused, almost technical in its delivery.

The Marianas Trench 12” EP is of a limited edition and comes on really awesome silk screened vinyl (blue or clear). In addition to cool packaging and awesome music, the band clearly has a great sense of humor as well – from the record itself (telling you to play forward and backward for satanic messages) to the fine print on the cover (telling you to send a drawing of a monkey with knives in order to receive a lyrics sheet).

If you love noisy hardcore, grungy, sludgy stoner rock or anything in between, then the Catalyst should be on your radar. The group will pummel your ears to a happy pulp, and then I imagine they’d smoke a joint with you while shooting the shit. Good times had by all.