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Strangers Die Everyday – Esther

Strangers Die EverydayEstherPortland, Oregon's Strangers Die Everyday are one among many instrumental bands. The toughest thing about being an instrumental band is trying to come up with something that's going to catch people's interests right from the beginning of the song in order to hold their attention without the benefit of lyrics. From the … [Read more...]

The Phantom Family Halo – The Legend of Black Six

The Phantom Family HaloThe Legend of Black SixPerhaps best described as "quiet psychedelia," The Phantom Family Halo's music comes off as a cross between Low and Dead Meadow. You've got the occasional riffing and the spacey, mysterious lyrics from whatever Hawkwind or maybe Blue Cheer album, but you've also got some understated and gentle tracks on … [Read more...]

Hercules and Love Affair – Hercules and Love Affair

Hercules and Love AffairHercules and Love AffairIn past years, it definitely seems to me at least, that every year is a good year for the electronic(a) genre. Last year was a supposed weak year for hip-hop/rap, the year before we didn’t have a lot of solid rock albums and the list goes on. Well, 2008 is no different in terms of electronic music. … [Read more...]

Lemuria – Get Better

LemuriaGet BetterLemuria keeps it simple. They invoke early and mid-1990's alternative rock: a time when DIY musicians played loose sing alongs, synthesizing a generations' nagging pessimism with cautious optimism. On Get Better, overdriven guitars carry accessible songs and dry vocals towards a hook. It's good, but it's shelf life is … [Read more...]

The Huguenots – Discography

The HuguenotsDiscographyWho the hell are The Huguenots? Kurt Ballou (Converge), Aaron Stuart (Piebald), Dan Colby (The Explosion, The Never Never), and Matt Oates (Angels of Meth, The Never Never), that's who! No, but seriously, if you've never heard of the band you're not alone. If you don't check them out after this review, you're a … [Read more...]

The Exit Strategy – City Of Microphones

The Exit StrategyCity Of MicrophonesThe Exit Strategy are a throwback for sure. At initial listen, the Fugazi influence is apparent, but there's a lot of Jawbox, Quicksand, and At The Drive In in there as well, an amalgam of bands you loved in high school. J Robbins even manned the boards for this one! The problem with City Of Microphones is … [Read more...]

Esoteric – The Blood of the Eyes

EsotericThe Blood of the EyesThis review will not do this band justice. Esoteric, in my opinion, personifies doom. Only Loss, Ataraxie, Moss, Worship, and Mournful Congregation can compete with Esoteric. The group's use of multiple genres creates a style of doom that is rarely, if ever heard. The mixture of heavy and light creates a contrast that … [Read more...]

Sequoia – Time to Change

SequoiaTime to ChangeChicago-based rock trio Sequoia has been on the receiving end of a great deal of positive press, but their newest album, Time to Change, is a mixture of really good and pretty mediocre. The major problem does not lie in the lyrics or melodies, but rather the vocals. The songs in themselves, which includes the drumming, guitar … [Read more...]

Trembling Blue Stars – Exploring The Shadows EP

Trembling Blue StarsExploring The Shadows EPWhile listening to Trembling Blue Stars’ brief and beautiful EP, Exploring The Shadows, a common expression comes to mind: “change or die.” Somehow, that reality has skipped Bobby Wratten, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library, and Trembling Blue Stars. … [Read more...]

The Armed Forces – Modern Gospel for Modern Men & Women

The Armed ForcesModern Gospel for Modern Men & WomenNashville pop-punk outfit The Armed Forces, fronted by 21-year-old Brandon Jazz, has had a lot of hype surrounding them, but all these expectations fall short of reality on the new 5-track album. The Armed Forces are akin to a more in-your-face version of Thrills as far as their sound is … [Read more...]