Hybrasil – We Got Music

We Got Music

Hybrasil is a quintet out of Ireland who have waited a couple years to finally get out their first full length album. After a couple singles and a few live tours, they finally released their debut The Monkey Pole which features the song “We Got Music”. While this may be something new to potential listeners in the US, this track was also released as their 2005 single in the UK, Germany and Japan.

Self-dubbed as “indietronic”, their music manages to keep a good even mix of traditional indie rock and electronica. It reminds me a bit of some things that have come from Beck that step outside the typical bounds of indie rock and seek to explore the additions of other genres while keeping a good foothold in the rock musical structure. While these guys may not be breaking new ground, they have certainly produced a pleasing sound both instrumentally and vocally with influences from post punk 80’s bands like New Order to modern bands like Gorillaz who also seek to skirt the edge of multiple genres.

With “We Got Music”, Hybrasil has on their hands a very catchy song that could either be played in a dance club, in the car, or on the iPod of a hipster waiting to catch the bus. The diverse sound really has the ability to catch the attention of multiple ears with it’s danceable beats, catchy guitar and layered vocals which create quite an infectious pop tune.

Opening with a blend of drums and guitar mixed with keyboards and electronic washes, the two genres blend so fluidly that even I’m sure even the most docile of indie rock listeners couldn’t help but get up and dance. When the vocals enter, they are so soft and fluid that I’m reminded of why I love the new Rosebuds album so much – because, like many songs of Night of the Furies, “We Got Music” manages to fuse together the structure of indie rock while creating an upbeat tune that will get your blood pumping and your toes tapping.

And how can one not like a song that believes we can get through anything as long as we have music?