Amelia – Tragedy


Out of Portland, Oregon comes Amelia, a three-piece spinning crafty tales of rustic, folksy rock that create images in your head to form a movie similar to something that might have been made up of deleted scenes from The Triplets of Belleville but with a little more attitude. “Tragedy” comes from their third full-length album, A Long, Lovely List of Repairs.

The sultry, breathy voice of Teisha Helgerson takes this song from simply a funky and catchy folk tune to something truly achingly beautiful. I can’t help but wonder how her voice weaves other tales throughout their new album and if she explores other styles. It’s a really interesting sound the song takes on with the difference between the layered strings with rustic, twinkly keys and her soulful yet sensual voice describes moving through and beyond obstacles in life with lines like “Can we write this in a new script?”

A little cabaret, a little melancholy and full of attitude this three-piece out of Portland makes some pretty funky and flawless folk rock. This song is certainly likely to pique the interest of a listener looking for something a little different in the folk scene and if the rest of the CD is this good, it is quite a gem.