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Destroyer – Trouble in Dreams

DestroyerTrouble in DreamsWith every album he has made in his long and successful career, Dan Bejar has such a distinctive sound to call his own. Whether it’s his unique voice, his loosely-constructed songs, his diverse use of wordplay or maybe just his knack for melodies, every one of his albums is a fresh breath of air. And with Destroyer’s … [Read more...]

The Hands – The Hands

The HandsThe HandsRock and roll is such a boring proposition these days. For every ass-kicking rock and roll band, like the Icarus Line or Murder City Devils, there are a million Jets. A bunch of boring dudes who just want to play loud, tired rock riffs and sing about their unfortunate trials with the opposite sex. The Hands are a rock and … [Read more...]

Amelia – Tragedy

AmeliaTragedyOut of Portland, Oregon comes Amelia, a three-piece spinning crafty tales of rustic, folksy rock that create images in your head to form a movie similar to something that might have been made up of deleted scenes from The Triplets of Belleville but with a little more attitude. “Tragedy” comes from their third full-length album, A Long, … [Read more...]

The Breeders – Mountain Battles

The BreedersMountain Battles“I’m lazy, but I’m not super-lazy,” knowingly-quipped Kim Deal in a recent interview with MOJO on the drawn-out recording of Mountain Battles, the first Breeders album since 2002’s also lengthily-gestated Title TK. Unlike her on/off Pixies sparing-partner, Frank Black, Kim Deal certainly doesn’t possess a prolific … [Read more...]

A Fine Frenzy – One Cell In The Sea

A Fine FrenzyOne Cell In The SeaA Fine Frenzy’s (aka singer-songwriter Alison Sudol) debut album One Cell In The Sea combines gently percolating to sweeping musical arrangements of piano, keyboards, and strings, shaped into mid-tempo numbers and ballads, with Alison’s clear, but slightly heathery, straightforward vocal delivery, and deals mainly … [Read more...]

The Patsys – Split 7"

The PatsysSplit 7"Two Columbus, Ohio groups, two tracks of throwback rock stylings, one seven inch, and one disappointed listener. The Patsys' is "Have You Got Soul?" and Magic City offers "Teenage Electricity." Both songs basically cover the same theme: break the spell of boredom for the listener and "shake some hips." However, I feel some … [Read more...]

Boo and Boo Too – s/t EP

Boo and Boo Toos/t EPIt is really hard for me to review an album that I'm in the middle of the road on. I don't want to come off as hating an album that isn't bad, although generally I feel that's how I come off. Mediocrity just really, really annoys me. Mediocrity that is a failed attempt at being edgy is far worse. With that in mind, Boo and … [Read more...]

Evangelista – Hello, Voyager

EvangelistaHello, Voyager“Paper Kitten Claw,“ the 8th track on Hello, Voyager, sums up the career of Carla Bozulich in a nutshell. “Every time you see the word never/you must cross it out.“ She is another entry in the category of no nonsense, boundary pushing, kinda scary rock women such as Lydia Lunch, Diamanda Galas, and Exene Cervenka. No … [Read more...]

The Catalyst – Marianas Trench 12" EP

The CatalystMarianas Trench 12" EPIt’s been awhile since this Philadelphian has caught whiff of a Richmond, VA hard(core) band worth paying any attention. Then the Catalyst and its 12” EP Marianas Trench finds it’s way out of the piles and on to my turntable. I think my face was nearly ripped off and I loved every second of it. Marianas … [Read more...]

Super Furry Animals – Love Kraft

Super Furry AnimalsLove KraftThe definition of pop music seems to have been altered for the current generation of teenagers. Today, it is “music” written by middle aged millionaires and recorded by glamorized strippers. It is nonsense about heartache and desire given praise from a generation it wasn’t written by nor fairly portrays the emotions of. … [Read more...]