Short Takes on Five More Releases

Ian Axel – I’m On to You EP

Authentic Music Group

New Jerseyite Ian Axel is only in his early twenties, but he has apparently been playing piano since he was a toddler – and it shows. His songs are sweet without being too terribly syrupy and they are always rooted in upbeat pop. Think Coldplay or Ben Folds. Though, when Ian sings a fairly hearty “fuck you” I’m still a bit surprised – here I was thinking he was such a nice young man.


Marvelous Toy – The Disappearing Heart EP


Indie rock with a touch of folk is just bursting from the seams on this debut EP. Singer Jordan Hudock’s vocals are a little too off-kilter for my personal taste, but damn the harmonies these guys (and sometimes girl) bang out are so beautiful. I’m always a sucker for harmony, but Marvelous Toy is definitely intriguing.


Skeletons With Flesh on Them – The Fish Don’t Mind EP


This Seattle based band cranks out some sorta eccentric pop-rock. Think jangly guitar…early 90s rock…Weezer-esque. Scott Roots’ voice really reminds me of many of yesteryear’s well-loved nerdy rockers. A great little find for fans of all types of pop-rock as long as you were a fan of Weezer or a peer at one point or another.


A Beautiful Noise – Electric Soul EP


This group plays some intriguing fuzzed out rock that is a little bit psychedelic and soulful. “Things Are Easier Said Than Done”, The second track on this five song EP, features pretty female vocals and is my favorite on the disc. A Beautiful Noise would benefit from better recording quality (it’s hard to hear a lot of the vocals), but maybe this is intentional. If psychedelic rock is your thing, this is a band to keep an eye on.


Dustveil – Sentimental Lies EP


Russian band Dustveil completely caught me off guard with its blend of indie, art, and post-rock mixed with jazz and electronics. The cover art made me think this would be a pop band, pure and simple. While each of the five songs here is not a winner, the overall energy is good. Dustveil sing in English and with a bit more focus they could be really well-received outside their homeland.