Rosemary Krust – Rosemary Krust 7" EP

Rosemary Krust
Rosemary Krust 7" EP

There’s something in the water in Baltimore. Well, aside from brown residue and Berger Cookie wrappers. On the other side of the Dan Deacon/Wham City coin several acts are emerging pushing forward the sonic dreamscapes previously laid by the VU and the Jesus & Mary Chain. Beach House, Celebration, and Wye Oak (formerly Monarch) have been giving cause to Charm City living up to its name with hazy feedback swirls and wonderful female vocals. The latest boy/girl duo to join the fray is Rosemary Krust on new local label Spleencoffin.

Rosemary Krust’s latest offering, the self titled 7” EP, starts off strong with “Blank Stare,” a wonderful track of nothing more than a few distorted notes underneath singer Katherine Plummer’s strong yet whispery vocals. A debt to Nico’s “I’ll Leave It With Mine” is nicely paid as though channeled through Bowery Electric’s Martha Schwendener. An interlude of skronky noise follows before ending the A side with “Luskin’s Reverie,” an homage to the 90’s space & noise rock of selected Stiltbreeze releases.

“Crampson Leg” opens the B side succeeding where most shoegazey JAMC bands fall short in that the vocals are upfront and discernable. “I miss my youth/I miss my youth” ends the song effectively only a minute after starting, passing as quickly as those long lost days. Before finishing the EP up, RK’s second half William Hardy duets with Plummer on an acoustic only ditty, rough sounding in production and performance. Sounding like a Freed Man outtake, their voices don’t quite match up, drifting out of key, but instead it provides an unnerving finish to an otherwise sweet album. Although an appropriate sound of how their fair city is portrayed in the media, ending the album with the sound of a toilet flushing is frankly a bit odd.

It’s more than clichéd to say that good things are expected from a band after their first few offerings but it’s apt for Rosemary Krust. With plenty of like minded artists surrounding them and a strong EP on their hands, their star should soon rise. At this rate, to add another cliché, Baltimore could very well become the next Seattle.

The Rosemary Krust EP is limited to 300 hand-screenprinted copies.