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Small Wonders #10

Tim Hecker - Atlas 10" Audraglint ( Although there are numerous comparisons to be made with other artists of his ilk (Fennesz, Belong, William Basinski, and Mark Templeton among others) Tim Hecker has really come into his own throughout the course of this decade. His last album, 2006's <i>Harmony in Ultraviolet</i> … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Five Releases

Sydney Parade “If You Ever” CD single Nomadd Records Irish quartet Sydney Parade’s CD single for “If You Ever” starts out interestingly enough. The first few strains of the song have a modern rock feel, but then the vocals kick in and the music, well, changes. And changes again. And again. The result? I’m just … [Read more...]

Wilco – Chicago – The Riviera, Illinois – 2008-02-19

WilcoWhere: Chicago - The Riviera, Illinois.When: 2008-02-19On a bitteryly cold Tuesday at the Riviera in Chicago - the fourth night into Wilco's five-night residency - proved to be one of their very best. The band broke out classics as well as newer hits like "Hotel Arizona," "Handshake Drugs," "Impossible Germany," and "Hate It Here." Coming in … [Read more...]

Souvaris – A Hat

SouvarisA HatThere was a time a few years ago when a crop of bands started writing Tortoise-like instrumentals and making names for themselves. For the most part, this kind of post-rock has gone by the wayside. Now Souvaris has come along and released A Hat, fueling speculation that the genre hasn't been counted out just yet. This album isn't … [Read more...]

Belay My Last – The Downfall

Belay My LastThe DownfallAhh, yes. Deathcore. A subgenre with more infinitely more hyped debuts than quality follow-ups. The trend that everyone seems to hate or at least be skeptical of, yet continues to grow with dozens of new bands every week and albums moving decent units, selling tons of shirts at Hot Topic, etc. It seems like the more hated a … [Read more...]

Viva Patshiva – Reasons To Live

Viva PatshivaReasons To LiveThe best concept albums are those which can be enjoyed in different ways, as a tight creative unit flowing from the first note to the last, and as a jukebox playing a batch of terrific singles. Viva Patshiva’s debut album, Reasons To Live, accomplishes both ambitions, an estimable feat, given that the record was created … [Read more...]

Atlas Sound – Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel

Atlas SoundLet the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot FeelThere really is a lot of good music being made in the era we live in. There seems to be a boost of creativity where artists make music, almost, on a yearly basis with multiple bands and acts. It recalls that splendid time in the late 50s where Jazz artists were tearing out album after … [Read more...]

The Laureates – The Laureates 7" EP

The LaureatesThe Laureates 7" EPThe music of Chicago is perhaps more varied than any other city in America. Post rock, grunge, hardcore punk, jazz, blues, the Windy City is an anomaly in the wealth of talent that springs forth. Cutting to the center of it all are The Laureates, a new 4 piece with only a few shows and now a 4-song EP to speak … [Read more...]

The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead

The Helio SequenceKeep Your Eyes AheadIf you were enamored of The Helio Sequence's early work, a surreal mixture of samples, sequenced keyboards and swirling, psychedelic guitar histrionics, then you may be disappointed with their new album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead. But if you're a fan of radiant indie-rock, frothing with jangly and heavily reverbed … [Read more...]

The Lodger – Grown-Ups

The LodgerGrown-UpsThe album cover of Grown-Ups features a dreary, faceless stack of flats, perhaps a metaphor for becoming an adult and living in a staid, depressing world, but the music on the album is anything but. The members of Leeds, U.K.-based The Lodger do know their way around a bedsit, but luckily, they don’t wallow in it. Most songs … [Read more...]