Loom – Angler EP

Angler EP

This 5-song EP, by Salt Lake City quintet Loom, sports an intriguing twist to the progressive indie-rock conventionality by adding violin to the mix. It’s a nice addition to the pounding poly-rhythmic guitars and prog-style drumming, but it’s not enough to put Angler into the regular listening rotation.

Loom employ some Minus-the-Bear-style winding guitar interplay with driving bass rhythms, tight drumming and billowing violin; all intricately layered, musically complex and delivered with a decidedly aggressive edge. But being armed with this intriguing mix and having the ability to mold it effectively into something worthwhile are mutually exclusive.

While the music could be an acquired taste, the vocals are downright bitter. Coming through unproduced and unfiltered, the spastic vocals often border on screamo, and the harsh, sometimes maniacal, rants prove too distracting and shifts the focus away from the music. And even the music, at times, seems more erratic than planned. It’s a constant roller-coaster of chugging and churning, amid frequent tempo changes, with too few choruses, bridges and unflurried passages. The exception being the more song-like and artful “Tracers”.

Loom strive hard not to be a run-of-the-mill band with the use of violin and an antagonistic and convoluted mix of indie and progressive rock. But the results are too often disjointed, and the momentum swings too frequent, that it doesn’t provide enough for the listener to hold on to. While I respect the way the band ignores commercialism and plays a unique brand of rock that defies categorization, a little less unguided frenzy and a little more tempered structure might allow this reviewer to recommend them.

Recommended track: “Tracers”