Desoto Jones – Aurora

Desoto Jones

Desoto Jones’ debut Aurora is formulaic modern emo rock. This MTV-ready product promises kids instant gratification. But, in short order, fate will condemn this album to used CD-store bins or piles of never-played video games and rock albums. At best, the jewel case will become a beverage coaster, sitting cracked and dusty atop a blown speaker.

For this, neither the band nor the production are really at fault. The problem is that Aurora already sounds dated. If Desoto Jones, by some miracle, register on the pop-culture radar amid the glowing blips of the Fall Out Boys and the Taking Back Sundays, the band will forever be pegged as a late reaction to the trends of 2003-2009.

The band picture doesn’t help – the front man looks like a young Glen Danzig (sans makeup) if he were backed by a pussy rock band instead of a bunch rad looking goons.

Aurora holds no surprises and no standout tracks. Track 5, “Nonfiction”, is the obligatory acoustic number and track 9, Courtesy Call”, is the slow, electric ballad complete with a thick solo. If this album has anything worth noting, track 2, “Don’t Fail Me Now”, has a decent hook. But the following track, “Giant Magnets”, is god awful – easily the album’s worst.

Don’t bother with Aurora.