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Death Becomes Even The Maiden – The Arrangement EP

Death Becomes Even The MaidenThe Arrangement EPAlright, I have had it. Seriously. This pisses me off. There's one thing that can piss me off more than any other: mis-categorization of bands who are claimed to be post-punk. So, HISTORY TIME! There are a few genres out there that share that genre tag based not on sound, but on the time period. One … [Read more...]

KIN – Démo Spire

KINDémo SpireKIN is a fledgling folk quartet from Lorette, a small town outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, made up of Burke siblings Danielle, Eric, and Ivan and pal David Landreth. Their recently completed demo, Démo Spire, is three tracks worth of ethereal, beautifully orchestrated, and soothing music sung all in the band’s native … [Read more...]

Interview with Mac McCaughan – Essential Albums from Superchunk and Portastatic

Superchunk No Pocky For Kitty (Matador 1991; re-issued Merge 1999) – The second full-length from Superchunk is the first to feature long-standing 2nd guitarist Jim Wilbur. The album was shaped in true quick and cheap punk-rock fashion, recorded between midnight and 6am in just a few days with Steve Albini at the desk, all whilst Wilbur was … [Read more...]

Last Harbour – Dead Fires & The Lonely Spark

Last HarbourDead Fires & The Lonely SparkIt certainly makes the writer feel old in realising that nearly a decade has drifted past since Last Harbour first appeared in his erstwhile University town of Leicester, England. Although a lot has happened to Last Harbour during the last decade, it’s strangely comforting to note that the core vision … [Read more...]

Siberian – With Me

SiberianWith MeThere is more to Seattle than the faded grunge of Nirvana and Death Cab For Cutie’s mellow, poppy tones. Siberian finds itself firmly in the middle of the two extremes, straddling the line with droning, washed out guitars, looping melodies, and a rock solid backbeat. Though their warbly, overly majestic vocals can get on my nerves … [Read more...]

Prurient – And Still, Wanting

PrurientAnd Still, WantingIt's only been about two years since the last Prurient full-length, the brutal and gorgeous Pleasure Ground. In that time, Prurient's lone member, Dominick Fernow launched his Hospital Productions record store while continuing to churn out plenty of limited edition releases on vinyl, tape and CD. And Still, Wanting is the … [Read more...]

Ida – Lovers Prayers

IdaLovers PrayersChances are you've heard of Ida by now. Daniel Littleton and Elizabeth Michell's first album, Tales Of Brave Ida, was released on then little known label Polyvinyl Recording Company (fellow songwriter Karla Schickele didn't hop on board until '97) . Since then, they've honed their folky slowcore sound through years of changing … [Read more...]

Beach House – Devotion

Beach HouseDevotionDreamy music is just such a pleasant experience sometimes. It’s fun to hear and it takes you away to another place and time. And when it is done well, it can be truly uplifting and such a joy to hear. Baltimore pop duo, Beach House, have done just that with their second album, Devotion. With their brand of intriguing melodies and … [Read more...]

Loom – Angler EP

LoomAngler EPThis 5-song EP, by Salt Lake City quintet Loom, sports an intriguing twist to the progressive indie-rock conventionality by adding violin to the mix. It's a nice addition to the pounding poly-rhythmic guitars and prog-style drumming, but it's not enough to put Angler into the regular listening rotation. Loom employ some … [Read more...]

Broadband Shortwave – Lazy Atoms EP

Broadband ShortwaveLazy Atoms EPThere are musicians who want to be in bands to make records, play shows, and (hopefully) gain some level of popularity. There are also musicians who never record a thing for public consumption, never play a show, and never get popular (how could they?) because they just play for the fun of playing - no strings or … [Read more...]