SAH – 06/06


Fans of Explosions in the Sky and more recently By the End of Tonight will enjoy SAH’s 06/06. This strong and dynamic hour of primarily instrumental post-rock is broken into 5 agile mini-epic songs, each following a kinky yarn of ace drum work and versatile guitar figures. Lulling atmospheric stretches become sweatless sprints, guitars crunching and drums rolling through seamless transitions. Vocals surface in the latter half of the album without intruding on the compositions’ instrumental identity.

A three piece consisting of 2 drummers and a guitarist, the guys in SAH show great ability. But they are not just a musician’s band; the songs are crafts conscientiously written. Never do they stray into dicey “technical” or “math” genres, opting instead to explore harnessed aggression or quiet reflection.

Nevertheless all this musicianship can get a little dry. I mean, would you rather hear the crude brilliance of Jimi Hendrix or the practiced theatrics of Steve Vai? No contest. But fortunately SAH almost always deliver the best of both worlds. 06/06 is a labor of love, each track fully realized. The album was originally recorded in 2006 and self-released. SAH’s new label Phratry is re-releasing the effort. Give 06/06 a listen. The percussion is brilliant. Gone are the cut and paste structures that dog the song writing of many talented musicians. And noticeably absent is the hack musicianship that steals credibility from some great song writers. Enjoy!