Rogue Heroes – The King Is Dead

Rogue Heroes
The King Is Dead

Rogue Heroes self-released The King Is Dead and the band is a somewhat refreshing surprise, considering their rock and punk influences and DIY ethos. It’s a mixed bag, but it does satisfy in most aspects.

First, I’ll talk about the problems. Though it is pretty slick considering it was probably done on a budget, the production value is a little sketchy. Oftentimes the vocals will sound a little louder than they should and in these spots, such as on the title track, they feel a little out of place. In the pre-chorus of “Stun Gun”, it actually made me cringe a little.

“Head in the Oven” is the first track on the album I felt like I could truly enjoy. Rogue Heroes sure know how to write addicting hooks. Songs like “My Name is Jones” and “Real Good Old Boys Don’t Lie” are prime examples of their swagger inducing rock n’ roll attitude. “The Assassination” is an interesting filler song, mostly punctuated by noise.

They balance out the record well from “Song” to “One More Round for the Road”. All of these closers are ballads if I ever heard any. The King Is Dead isn’t perfect by any means, but you can tell these guys have a lot of potential.