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Stamen and Pistils – Towns

Stamen and PistilsTownsThis Washington, D.C. based group brings us an interesting and quirky sound with their sophomore release and follow-up to their experimental debut End of the Sweet Parade. With a more inward approach, the band attempts to strip down their sound and refine it somewhat with their latest effort. While it may be more stripped … [Read more...]

Interview with Filligar

Meet Filligar: Four young men with a lot to offer, both musically as well as intellectually. Born and raised in Chicago, Mathias brothers Ted and Pete, both 21, and caboose Johnny, 19, along with longtime pal Casey Gibson, 21, reflect on their music, touring, songwriting, and more. After going to school, playing hockey, and discovering their love … [Read more...]

Die! Die! Die! – Promises, Promises

Die! Die! Die!Promises, PromisesYouthful exuberance, teenage angst, darkness behind the curtains - "A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E." - the embodiment of punk. The definition of punk can become messy of you try to build past the basic essence, the spirit. Punk was not about simplistic three-chord blues, sped up to a maniacal pace, punk was not about safety pins … [Read more...]

Fabonacci – Exits EP

FabonacciExits EPThe Exits EP is an unassuming, self-released 4-track EP from UK quintet Fabonacci. Driven by the piano as well as elements of electro, this rock music offers a little something extra. The album begins with the hypnotic beats of “Projected Thoughts,” and then the surprise hits: the lead singer has a phenomenal voice, one that … [Read more...]

The Shake – Kick It

The ShakeKick ItSome bands like to drop everything in their respective lives to cut an album together. Others choose to continue their ordinary, everyday lives and prefer to leave the rehearsing, performing and in turn, recording, on the side. This can have several effects in both positive and negative manners. With The Shake — a snappy, eccentric … [Read more...]

Katie Jane Garside – Lalleshwari: Lullabies In A Glass Wilderness

Katie Jane GarsideLalleshwari: Lullabies In A Glass WildernessKatieJane Garside first captured the music public’s attention as the frontwoman of Daisy Chainsaw, with her wide-eyed, wild-haired, insane persona, all done up in deconstructed shift dresses, flowers in her hair, clutching a teddy bear, all manic panic, flailing away at shows, shouting … [Read more...]

Arthur & Yu – In Camera

Arthur & YuIn CameraUsing their childhood nicknames as their band name, the Seattle duo of Sonya Westcott and Grant Olsen delve into a musical style that is not easily classifiable. By blending 60's style folk-rock, painted with a bit of that era's psychedelic hue, with modern acoustic singer/songwriter fare and dousing the whole thing in cloud … [Read more...]

Bevel – Phoenician Terrane

BevelPhoenician TerraneBevel's relaxed and relaxing take on indie pop borrows from Kings of Convenience and Magnetic Fields. Multitracked violins, or keyboard versions of them, mean to pull at your emotions while the vocals and guitar play along just above them. Drums rarely come into the picture at all. When they do, they're as unobtrusive as … [Read more...]

Various Artists – The Heavy Metal Box Set

Various ArtistsThe Heavy Metal Box SetCompiling a history of any genre of music is no easy feat, but the folks at Rhino Records seem to have this sort of thing down to a near science. Perhaps best known for reissuing and expanding the Nuggets compilation they’ve since put together 2 more Nuggets volumes as well as comprehensive sets on seventies … [Read more...]

Bring Back The Guns – Dry Futures

Bring Back The GunsDry FuturesBring Back the Guns' Dry Futures is a polarizing album because the band screws around with patched-in musical experimentation and mathy riffs only to return to some decent pop hooks. So while a few off-kilter melodies will draw in Pavement, early The Flaming Lips and Toadies fans, many listeners will lose patience … [Read more...]