Danger Radio – Punch Your Lights Out EP

Danger Radio
Punch Your Lights Out EP

I’m normally not into this kind of stuff, but Danger Radio does what they do very well. This is pure, fun-loving pop. Of course there are some things on Keep It Up that show the band comes from a more punk background, but then the bridge and verses bring in some impressive chops from the musicians that evoke some catchy pop oriented guitar riffs.

While “Party Foul” has its indie flair, the funk beats add a breathe of fresh air to the package. It’s not the most conventional of first singles for a band and I applaud them for being a little daring. “Slow” does just that: it slows things down a bit. Its got a dancey-disco feel to it, but its honestly one of the weaker tracks of the set.

“Sparkle Baby Shine” is a great song. There’s a breakdown towards the end that slows the song down considerably but it’s a welcome mix of pop and jazzy momentum. “Punch Your Lights Up” is a weird way to end the album. Not because of the song itself – don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty good song – but I didn’t feel like it should have ended on this note and it almost made the EP feel a little unfulfilling.

This is an EP of course, so I shouldn’t down it for not being long enough. With that, I’ll just recommend it to anyone who’s into fun pop music.