Damemas – Let Your Tape Rock EP

Let Your Tape Rock EP

Damemas are a strange 5 piece from Brooklyn. Not strange because of their music…In fact, they don’t differ much from a lot of the more recent jam-oriented bands who are supposedly preempting the return of classic rock. These guys are actually better than that, or at least better than most of the bands who attempt it because they bring a more refreshing punk edge to the mix with catchy hooks to boot.

Damemas (or da me mas, Spanish for give me more) start their debut EP Let Your Tape Rock with “Sickkid”. Straight forward and loud, it’s a good way to start an EP. It’s short and sweet run time, just over 3 minutes, and gives us a dose of what to expect in the following two tracks. Not long into track, they unexpectedly break into a wah pedal fused solo. It’s sloppy and short yet it’s a tight fit for the spirit of the song.

“Emulator” is a groove oriented number worthy of Led Zeppelin. Vocalist Ian Shaw in fact sounds like a cross between Robert Plant and MC5’s Rob Tyner to me. He has enough swagger in his voice to make him distinctive, yet it’s clean enough to go with the rest of the bands cohesive jamming.

The last song “Svengali Hold” is my favorite. It’s a fast punk song reminding me of some of Fugazi’s best. The chorus is simple and effective: “I ain’t myself today” is repeated with a twang of a guitar lick.

With these songs, Damemas have made me an official fan. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys get bigger, especially with strokes of genius such as “Svengali Hold”. A full length should be a no-brainer next.