Coalesce – There is Nothing New Under the Sun

There is Nothing New Under the Sun

There is Nothing New Under the Sun is a heavy-as-fuck Zeppelin cover album by one of the best hardcore/metal bands of the last 2 decades, Coalesce. This is a powerful and powerfully fun cover album worth the attention and dollars of balls-out music lovers of any age.

Led Zeppelin, having once achieved “Biggest Band in the World” status, needs no introduction. Coalesce ventured to cover Zeppelin simply because the songs are so good.

You should listen for the same reason you want to see the Super Bowl or watch Superman fight He-Man: because you want to see the best take on the best.

There is Nothing New Under the Sun is Coalesce celebrating Jimmy Page’s peerless riffing and John Bonham’s power-groove rhythms. The prime examples are “Out On The Tiles” and “Black Dog”. Originally released in 1999, Hydrahead reissued There is Nothing New Under the Sun in August 2007 so this review is overdue. But it’s also timely given the rumors of a Zeppelin reunion (probably won’t happen, probably for the best). The reissue has 8 tracks not found on the original: a few from a Coalesce/Boy Sets Fire split, covers of Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut”, Undertow’s “Cutting Away” and The Get Up Kids “I’m Giving Up On This One”. All solid Coalesce.

The disc’s weak spots are the 2 acoustic Zep covers, “That’s The Way” and “Thank You”. Without Robert Plant’s distinct vocal delivery, these tracks struggle to stay interesting. Coalesce fair better acoustically on “Bob Junior” from the Boy Sets Fire split.

From their blues roots, Led Zeppelin emerged to define hard rock. 20 years later the trail they blazed gifted hardcore fans with Coalesce. Hydra Head gives us a second chance to hear the two converge on this reissue so don’t miss out.