Bring Back The Guns – Dry Futures

Bring Back The Guns
Dry Futures

Bring Back the Guns’ Dry Futures is a polarizing album because the band screws around with patched-in musical experimentation and mathy riffs only to return to some decent pop hooks. So while a few off-kilter melodies will draw in Pavement, early The Flaming Lips and Toadies fans, many listeners will lose patience fast.

Tracks 3, 6 and 9 are most accessible for those who want a taste; but the same listeners should avoid tracks 1 and 2. The vocal delivery that sounds endearingly at wits’ end on track 3 just sounds annoying on track 1. And abrupt changes make one song interesting and the next song silly.

In fact, much of the “experimental” content just sounds like a temper tantrum. And these manic calculations indicate a lack of musical development in members claiming band roots back to 1999.

But while the noisy tinkering and fussing around doesn’t hold promise for an authentic and fandom-worthy future, for now Brink Back the Guns may be a good enough post-punk fit to turn that frown upside down if just for a little while. So a reluctant recommendation for Dry Futures to a messy mix of post-punkers and early Pavement, The Flaming Lips and Toadies fans. But for most indie fans, pass.