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The Brokedowns – New Brains for Everyone

The BrokedownsNew Brains for EveryoneIn true Chicago fashion, in accordance with the example set by gems like Pegboy and The Lawrence Arms, The Brokedowns provide the same raw, aggressive punk rock power made famous by these very bands. Although hailing from the far-flung suburb of Elgin, Illinois instead of the city proper, The Brokedowns … [Read more...]

Hunters, Run! – Forgotten Souvenirs Of The Modern Age

Hunters, Run!Forgotten Souvenirs Of The Modern AgeHunters, Run! is second rate, plain and simple. Their latest record, Forgotten Souvenirs Of The Modern Age, is sloppy, overly compressed pop punk without purpose or direction. Each song sounds exactly the same - guitars rip through non-stop, undulating dull, repetitive rhythms. The drums bang dull … [Read more...]

Untied States – Bye Bye Bi-Polar / These Dead Birds 7"

Untied StatesBye Bye Bi-Polar / These Dead Birds 7"2006's Retail Detail, the last full-length from this Atlanta group, was a mess. It brimmed all over with skronky avant-rock, flashing all over with electronic embellishments and God knows what else like some kind whizzing and whirring children's toy only the most careless parent would allow … [Read more...]

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

Vampire WeekendVampire WeekendWhat a great year it has been already and it only seems to continue. I feel that I could already make a solid top ten list for 2008, already! And what a way to end the first month of the year with Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut. To be succinct and simple, this is a jangly indie-rock quartet from New York City. All … [Read more...]

Rogue Heroes – The King Is Dead

Rogue HeroesThe King Is DeadRogue Heroes self-released The King Is Dead and the band is a somewhat refreshing surprise, considering their rock and punk influences and DIY ethos. It's a mixed bag, but it does satisfy in most aspects. First, I'll talk about the problems. Though it is pretty slick considering it was probably done on a budget, the … [Read more...]

Brigades Like This – s/t

Brigades Like Thiss/tFrom the first few chords of Brigades Like This's self-titled six-song offering, you're led to expect an Interpol-like undertaking. Suddenly you're thrust into a Panoply-Academy system of note choice, rhythm changes, and vocalizations. "Your Voice," appropriately enough, draws your attention to the vocalizations as much as … [Read more...]

Lafcadio – Kibosh

LafcadioKiboshI was pretty excited going into Lafcadio's Kibosh. With song names like "If Someone Asks You If You Are God You Say Yes," "Fat Camp Panty Raid," and "FreeWillNelsonMandela" and then the insanely hilarious album cover, how could I not practically pee myself with anticipation? But this album sure does disappoint. Kibosh really is not a … [Read more...]

Hello, Blue roses – The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty…

Hello, Blue rosesThe Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty...Hello, Blue Roses is the collaborative effort of Sydney Vermont (visual artist, Bonaparte vocalist and former Toronto Children's Choir kid singer) and Canadian indie-rock stalwart Dan Bejar (Destroyer, Swan Lake and The New Pornographers). And like all projects … [Read more...]

Owen Tromans – Hope is a Magnet

Owen TromansHope is a MagnetOwen Tromans plays rock 'n roll with a folk troubadour's soul. In his latest release, the British musician eschews the folk style from his latest releases, which called to mind the traditions of the United Kingdom's countryside, and returns to a full-band sound. Hope is a Magnet emphasizes big electric guitar riffs, … [Read more...]

Motherfathers – Kolchak!

MotherfathersKolchak!In Kolchak!, too many wasted tracks and bad vocals smother a decent noise rock album. Musicians often like the smell of their own farts but 20 tracks and 77 minutes is ridiculous. And the vocals are the reason people laugh at Russian rock; the delivery is style-less and bland because it's undeveloped - like the guy never tried … [Read more...]