Small Wonders #9

Wolf Eyes – Time of Clearing CD-R

Gods of Tundra (

Do these guys ever let up? I mean come on, I can’t think of another group with an output volume this high that still manages to impress me time after time. Wolf Eyes’ newest CD-R comes to us courtesy of group member Mike Connelly’s Gods of Tundra imprint. This is definitely in line with the Black Wing Over the Sand LP they released at the beginning of this year. It sounds like nuclear fallout rock if one were to attempt to put a face on it. Five tracks of scraping and clattering built on an ethereal bed of negative space. Drool.


Hair Police – New Mutations CD-R

Gods of Tundra (

Super static torture from the new Hair Police CD-R also on Gods of Tundra. Imagine, if you will, a bizarro version of Tim Hecker where instead of the melodic blissout parts submerged in white noise, you got even harsher static and rumbling bass notes distorted to hell. A perfect companion to the Blind Kingdom one-sided LP they just released. You want to think that eventually Mike Connelly is going to burn himself out, between this and Wolf Eyes, but he just keeps on cranking out the killer jams. Kudos to you Mike for making the rest of us feel like total slackers.


Bad Bus/Tempera – split 7″

L’animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings (

One of the first in a series of limited edition seven-inches from L’animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings is this split between Bad Bus and Tempera. The series, known as Tryst Haunt kicks things off with two bands that share an affinity for CAN and Amon Düül. This is definitely not a bad thing as those are my two favorite krautrock groups from the late 60s/early 70s. If those references don’t speak to you, imagine a less folk version of Sunburned Hand of the Man or Jackie-O Motherfucker. The Bad Bus side has some hollow percussive thump alongside disembodied moaning. The Tempera side follows suit but with clipped vocals floating in the ether. Not much in the way of guitars on either side. Excellent stuff and limited to 300 copies.


Aidan Baker – Exoskeleton Heart CD-R

Crucial Bliss (

Crucial Bliss is a limited run CD-R offshoot of noise/grind/metal/avant-rock label Crucial Blast. Aidan Baker’s most recent release on this label is an hourlong excursion into the world of heavy melodic drone. I know I’ve mentioned Tim Hecker once already in this edition of Small Wonders, but imagine a middle ground between his Harmony in Ultraviolet and SunnO)))’s Black One and you’ve got a nice picture of Aidan Baker’s sound. The CD-R is divided up into two halves, “Interior” and “Anterior.” “Anterior” also kinda sounds like the work Yellow Swans are doing on their newer releases. Why people aren’t going crazy over this dude is beyond me. An absolutely essential CD-R, limited to only 300 copies, and my pick of the litter for this edition of Small Wonders.