Saturday Looks Good to Me – Cold Colors EP

If you’re like me and have only read about Saturday Looks Good To Me, then you’ve undoubtedly been intrigued by descriptions of bright, winsome indie-pop influenced by Phil Spector. But now after actually hearing some of their music, I’m still not sure what to make of SLGTM. While previous releases showed off their contemporary indie-rock side, Cold Colors is a departure from that and is meant to be a developmental record that shows off their experimental side.

But I would tend to use the word freestyle over experimental to describe the music on this 5-song EP as most of the tracks are loosely structured and use little instrumentation other than acoustic guitars. Piano, drums, keyboards, violin and double bass are all listed in the credits but they appear only sparingly on the closing track “Spiderbite” which is the closest thing to being a real song here. If anything is experimental, it is the production and vocals. The first three tracks sound as if they were recorded outdoors and contain the sound of a distant stream and a lot of wind noise. The vocals are equally ambivalent and are delivered in a hushed sing-speak style.

Song titles like “Drink My Blood” and “Illuminated Circles Dream Of Backwards Running Vampires” provide some intrigue, along with equally insane lyrics. But the rustic atmospherics and the desolate post-rock infrastructure of the songs lack appeal and are more of a disparate conglomeration of moods and styles than any type of indie-rock.

If you’re still intrigued by SLGTM, as am I, I suggest starting with something in their back catalog before trying the developmental and experimental Cold Colors EP.