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The Lucksmiths – Spring a Leak

The LucksmithsSpring a LeakI’m sure the Lucksmiths have a very strong and devout following, both within and outside of their native Australia. But I’ve always wondered why this brilliant pop band never achieved the same level of recognition as Death Cab for Cutie or even Belle & Sebastian. The Lucksmiths have been toiling at least as long as those … [Read more...]

Modest Mouse – El Paso – Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas – 2007-12-12

Modest MouseWhere: El Paso - Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas.When: 2007-12-12I was studying up for this concert a few weeks in advance — I already had their discography but I certainly needed to revisit their music. Modest Mouse is certainly a band with a wide variety of songs and each of their albums has a special feel to them. So with a career that … [Read more...]

The Set of Red Things – Who Touches Pitch Defiles Herself

The Set of Red ThingsWho Touches Pitch Defiles HerselfDon't bother with Who Touches Pitch Defiles Herself by The Set of Red Things. It's crap. This female-fronted five piece brays out one abrasive, blundering song after another in the name of experimental noise rock. Immature, bratty and self-indulgent - nothing here compels. Music writers … [Read more...]

The Most Serene Republic – Population

The Most Serene RepublicPopulationThe 7-member, Canadian indie-rock collective known as The Most Serene Republic have released a multi-headed monster of an album for anyone who cares to notice. And if you play this album only once, you will certainly take notice. Not because it is familiar, bright and immediately fetching, but because it is unlike … [Read more...]

Prints – Prints

PrintsPrintsPrints is the result of prolific multi-instrumentalist Kenseth Thibideau (Tarantel, Sleeping People, Pinback) inviting Zac Nelson (Who's Your Favorite God Son) to work with him on a new project. The album Prints was produced by the duo at home and features a myriad of electronic sounds in addition to typical instrumentation that creates … [Read more...]

The Ginger Envelope – Edible Orchids

The Ginger EnvelopeEdible OrchidsThe Athens, GA music scene sure does seem to be getting bigger and bigger. More and more artists and bands are finding their way to success from this region of the U.S. A new band to emerge from there is The Ginger Envelope and their album, Edible Orchids, is a solid enough set of songs to win some new fans. The … [Read more...]

Seawolf – Philadelphia – North Star Bar, PA – 2007-11-03

SeawolfWhere: Philadelphia - North Star Bar, PA.When: 2007-11-03California’s Seawolf has been gaining a considerable amount of industry traction lately. The ridiculously catchy single, ”You’re a Wolf”, as well as an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, has succeeded in creating a generous buzz around this indie folk outfit. While touring in support … [Read more...]

Sole And The Skyrider Band – Sole And The Skyrider Band

Sole And The Skyrider BandSole And The Skyrider Band The Anticon collective rivals only the Chicago-Louisville family tree for number of branches, growing ever longer with each addition to the roster. Founding member Sole has added a leaf to his particular branch by employing the Skyrider band, a 3 piece from Orlando on his latest album aptly … [Read more...]

Simpl – S/T

SimplS/TSimpl is a suitable name for this Portland band, whose indie-pop/art-pop stylings do feel rather simple. Led by Cameron Jones, who played with bands like Pinback, Thingy, and Physics, this band plays decent pop songs. The problem lies in the mixing and production, which causes the album to feel too lo-fi. Something about the way that … [Read more...]

Lek – Giant World Knowledge Bliss Control

LekGiant World Knowledge Bliss ControlWhen I receive a shipment of new albums, it's an exciting day. Instead of paying attention in class or at work, I get to pore over the press packs and booklets and become mesmerized the cover art. While I am attending to my other duties (listening to my professor lecture, for instance), I am honestly not really … [Read more...]