Last American Buffalo – Marquis for the Debutante

Last American Buffalo
Marquis for the Debutante

With some beguiling hooks and stirring melodies, Last American Buffalo have delivered a sound debut (no pun intended) with Marquis for the Debutante. They surely have the makings of many similar bands that have already “made it.” This is definitely indie rock at its finest and if indie has a specific sound (let’s not start the label vs. genre debate) this certainly fits the bill. There are some emotional filled vocals, jangly guitars that shine brightly and ever so subtle shifts in tone, style and volume.

Now, Last American Buffalo don’t accomplish anything drastically different on here but what they do deliver is at a very high quality. Take “Breaking Up Mine” as a choice example. It starts off with a piano/organ very reminiscent of Spoon’s Kill the Moonlight days and serves the punch and energy to pull you in. They do this with some off-kilter vocals expressing lost love and with a terrific guitar melody.

The same is carried on throughout the rest of the album with just enough changes and flow to never become repetitive. At eleven tracks and just under 39 minutes, it’s over quick and it’s just enough to give you a good idea of what a talented band this is.

The premise for the story telling and songwriting on here is very evident with songs like “Ordinary Girl.” It follows the story of a guy and girl who never truly amount much of their feelings and the girl is ultimately lost, in the worst sense possible. They convey this with some timely soaring vocals in the middle of the song as the band belts out, “And I feel so high, when I’m around you.”

The band quickly pick things up again with the up-tempo, “Watch it All” and things go on from here with song after song of great music. Now, this isn’t life-changing/altering music and this certainly isn’t one of the best things I have heard all year. Then again, for a nice change of pace, music that never takes itself too seriously and delivered from a band out for a good time, this works perfectly.

Especially with all of the year-end hoopla and all of the music that all of us are just struggling to digest and analyze, Marquis for Debutante is certainly a nice surprise. Never abrasive, always catchy and simply solid, it’s a great album and band to look out for.