Hair Police – Blind Kingdom

Hair Police
Blind Kingdom

If you’ve kept up with the Wolf Eyes/Hair Police crew this year you know that Mike Connelly, a full-time member of both groups, has been a busy man. In the newest installment of my Small Wonders column I chronicled the latest CD-Rs from both of those groups released on Connelly’s own Gods of Tundra imprint. As if it wasn’t enough to constantly flood the market with limited edition, hand made releases of the highest quality, now Hair Police gives a small glimpse into a new direction.

Blind Kingdom is a 180 gram, one-sided LP, limited to 600 copies, released on the Belgian Ultra Eczema label that has both beautiful packaging and a laser etching of what looks to be an eyeball/cloud on the flip side. Recorded as a special for Radio Centraal in Antwerp, the playable side is comprised of a single fifteen minute freeform epic of psychedelic noise sprawl. The cover art depicts a multi-dimensional graveyard scene complete with haunted trees. It’s a perfect nod to what awaits listeners on the LP itself. “Blind Kingdom” begins with some gurgling static segueing into vocals which sound like a distorted gaping mouth yawn that eventually blend into the horrific backdrop.

Blind Kingdom rivals Throbbing Gristle’s D.O.A.: The Third and Final Report in its ability to provide a distinct mindfuck by surrendering brutality in favor of a slightly blissed-out approach. Make no mistake, this is not the most intense Hair Police work the group has released but it is easily one of, if not, THE best. Hopefully it functions as an indicator of where these dudes are headed. Provided they can construct a full-length that takes advantage of the key aspects flaunted on this release we can expect something magnificent. As it stands, Blind Kingdom is a significant moment in Hair Police’s career and one of the finest albums to come out this year despite its brevity.