Capital – Homefront


KURT: How long do I have?
GEORGE: 14 months. Maybe 10.
KURT: Is there anything I can do?
GEORGE: Yes. Live, dammit. Live!
Any band that uses a Seinfeld reference for their chorus, for lack of a better word, rules. The responsible party is Long Island’s Capital, who also has been known to cover Dag Nasty, Burn, and Silent Majority (the singer’s former band). They made my top ten list from last year for their debut Signal Corps, and for aged dudes, they sound more energetic than ever. Musically, they pick up where Silent Majority left off, and if you’re not familiar with that sound, there are elements of bands like Lifetime, Grey Area, and Small Brown Bike. Tommy Corrigan can carry a tune (unlike lots of singers in this genre), and the songwriting on Homefront is catchier and brighter than before. Every song tells a different story and opinion. It reminds me of reading random zines at shows. The most blatant and humorous contribution being “Mosh Parts.”
“I would have more fun if you would just admit / Your sole purpose is to have kids moshing and shit.”
You said it, brother.