Aeroplane Pageant – Wave to the Moon

Aeroplane Pageant
Wave to the Moon

With so many bands trying to fit into the indie pop category, the competition is stiff and the audience is highly critical. But at the same time, everyone enjoys a catchy tune with sweeping harmonies filled with plenty of “oooh”s and “ahhh”s floating around.

Hailing from a place full of indie rockers, the New York quintet hopes to win your heart in the same way The Shins did years ago. Opening with a few dreamy notes over a light guitar strum, you get an instant warm feeling and sit back in preparation for an enjoyable ten tracks. The vocals enter and Brian Kelly’s croon fits perfectly into the dreamy layers with a very slight punk quality that keeps out the saccharine. This is a song fit for the radio waves as well as the back button for frequent repeat listens.

But for those of you that would like more than just another dreamy pop band there are songs like “Wherever September” that feels like it could easily pop up on an album by The Killers – although it’s mellower in tone than their typical dance fare. “Oh You Know” starts off with plinking piano and is filled with washes of shivery strings and fuzzy electric guitar that all ride along on an acoustic strumming foundation. Kelly’s double-tracked vocals take on a wavery, almost Jack White-like quality here that works well for him.

Towards the end, “Rosalind” is an aching song that is bare with little more than Kelly’s quivering vocals until a timid finger-picking at the end of the track. This leads into “The Ghost and the Ballerina” which features lush vocals that weave in and out of a beautiful crafted instrumental arrangement. “Hunting” follows with a repetitive set of keyboard notes that quickly lead into a noise level that far exceeds the general feel of the album. Although I personally think it feels like they are trying too hard to break out of the dream. This is not their forte and just ends up coming across as too much jumbled up noise in places. But all in all, that’s a pretty minor complaint.

Filled with all the elements one might want out of an indie pop band, Aeroplane Pageant delivers layered guitar, dreamy vocals, piano interjections and a croon to swoon by. From The Beatles and The Cure to Spoon and The Shins, this quintet knows how to blend the past with the present to create a collection of songs that will have many listeners perking their ears with interest.