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The Yarrows – Plum

The YarrowsPlumPut your headphones on for this one. The Yarrows are soft rock from New Jersey, but unlike a lot of other bands from Jersey that happen to be on Drive-Thru Records, this band keeps a tight restraint on its emotions. The result is a tiny, thoughtful record that is teeters on the edge of something magical. The Yarrows are at its … [Read more...]

num9 – The Glow-worm’s Resistance

num9The Glow-worm’s ResistanceThe moodiness and obscure sentiments explored through occasionally dissonant songs on so many recordings released by Acuarela make many of the Spanish indie label’s discs difficult to remember on first listen, but they also prompt frequent revisits. Call it emotional curiosity or human connection at its simplest level, … [Read more...]

Burial – Untrue

BurialUntrueA great deal of the fascination that trails Burial’s music is caused by the London producer’s own determined anonymity. Knowing so little about an artist—and in this case, a dubstep producer—entices the listener to closely study their music. His self-titled debut was an acclaimed success and yet, Burial maintains that only five people … [Read more...]

Sankt Otten – Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder

Sankt OttenWunder Gibt Es Immer WiederAs a designer, I understand and appreciate the use of white space. This might be the white of paper in print or the blank, unbuilt areas of a place. Space helps provide balance to whatever medium you are working in, whether it’s creating physical space or even emotional or mental space. The key though, is to … [Read more...]

Feu Thérèse – Ça Va Cogner

Feu ThérèseÇa Va CognerThe title tells “It’s Gonna Hit,” but you never quite get the feeling that the music on Ça Va Cogner really does. The record, Feu Thérèse’s second (and final), is purposefully ambiguous, never quite providing a clear look as to what the group are attempting to express. It’s a work … [Read more...]

Blitzen Trapper – Wild Mountain Nation

Blitzen TrapperWild Mountain NationBlitzen Trapper is unquestionably a band we can label as “experimental” and their new album, Wild Mountain Nation features practically every brand of rock underneath the sun. It’s a refreshing take on rock and roll and everything that this great style of music has to offer; it’s never derivative or overdone but … [Read more...]

The Umbrella Sequence – Events

The Umbrella SequenceEventsSounding like something between Arcade Fire and Green Pajamas, The Umbrella Sequence has put nine of its latest works into Events for popular consumption. These indie-pop orchestrations fall into very familiar territory, so those who gravitate towards this kind of thing can make a new friend in this band. Some of the … [Read more...]

Ilad – National Flags

IladNational FlagsIlad's four members don't really like to tell you much about themselves, despite having a blog on the band website. So without much background info, we're left with the music itself, and that's really what a review should focus on. The only problem is, when the music puts you to sleep, it's hard to write about. First, let me … [Read more...]

One Starving Day – Broken Wings Lead Arms to the Sun

One Starving DayBroken Wings Lead Arms to the SunOne Starving Day is a band from Italy. Not many bands come from Italy that sound like One Starving Day - and though they are probably the first of their kind, I would recommend that future like-minded bands take note because what we have here is a mixed bag. Certainly the ambition of Broken Wings … [Read more...]

Sons of Azrael – The Conjuration of Vengeance

Sons of AzraelThe Conjuration of VengeanceBuffalo, NY's Sons of Azrael play a punishing brand of melodic death metal laced with elements of metalcore, thrash, black metal, etc. Overall it is a pretty extreme sound the band is going for with over-the-top screaming vocals, blast beats, and all. All the necessities for a decent album are here, but … [Read more...]