This Level is Clouds! – Capsule Trap EP

This Level is Clouds!
Capsule Trap EP

This level is clouds is based around duo Michael Texas and Atom Lax, although on any given night their live show can consist of anywhere from 2-4 of their close friends jamming on anything that makes sound. This spontaneity is only half of what makes this Ohio duo so unique. The intense guitar work is matched perfectly note for note with the piercingly beautiful vocals of front man Texas. This is truly tone driven rock and roll for anyone that loves music, the type of stuff you tell everyone you know about as soon as you get home from the show.

With their newest release Capsule Trap (available only at live shows this year); TLIC has crossed into the dangerous world of live recordings with remarkable results. The songs come across clear and honestly…they rock, really hard. The best moment on the disk, however, is the brand new studio track “Square”. Layers of vocals, bells and various oddball instruments are mixed together brilliantly to create a thick paste of indie rock pleasure. The only downside to this record is that the heartfelt lyrics at some points are totally overpowered by the musical canvas’ on which they are painted.

This Level is Clouds! toured the US extensively this summer and are currently hard at work recording their upcoming full length Forever, Mostly (Release date TBA). Although Capsule Trap is only available at shows, other This Level is Clouds! releases can be found at