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Hundreds and Thousands – s/t

Hundreds and Thousandss/tLos Angeles trio Hundreds and Thousands, signed to Heart Break Beat Records, makes gritty, hard-nosed post-punk, and the band cites Husker Du and the Minutemen among their influences. Unfortunately, this self-titled 6-track EP is mediocre at best, and Hundreds and Thousands, based on this substandard effort, has a long way … [Read more...]

Aloha – Light Works EP

AlohaLight Works EPWhen Tony Cavallario sings "I've been waiting for you" on the first track of Aloha's Light Works EP, you believe it; Cavallario is actively trying to convince you of his longing. Everything ties together on the first four tracks; it's great! The lyrics are wonderful, the sounds are eclectic and cohesive. Coming out of these four … [Read more...]

Coffinberry – God Dam Dogs

CoffinberryGod Dam Dogs Many musicphiles place heavy emphasis on the evolution of a band. A band treading water is a band boring. Cleveland’s Coffinberry, a four piece at the time God Dam Dogs was recorded, has evolved its sound in an almost horizontal manner, skipping between genres and drawing inspiration from recent music trends. EP From Now On … [Read more...]

Stealpot – Indian Salon

StealpotIndian SalonPoland has been on my mind a lot lately. As a student, a teacher, and a music fan, I’m experiencing Polish prominence in my recent daily life. Consider three avenues: an excellent graduate course I’m taking on Eastern European Jewish civilization through 1880; parts of a documentary filmed and edited by one of my top former … [Read more...]

Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare

Arctic MonkeysFavourite Worst NightmareFresh off their successful 2006 debut, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, Arctic Monkeys return with the very solid, Favourite Worst Nightmare. Ultimately, it ends up being one fantastic follow-up that brims at the sides with vehement energy. Their brand of loose and meticulous rock, aggressive and … [Read more...]

Matthew Bayot – The Standard of Living

Matthew BayotThe Standard of LivingThe Standard of Living evokes a kind of drug fueled folk feeling that is reminiscent of the RIYL bands. Not as literate as expected, but evocative in his own way, Matthew Bayot has strung together a series of tales for a late night comedown, and maybe the next day. Stuttering along, a drum shuffle makes its way … [Read more...]

Certain Stars – Wired For Sound EP

Certain StarsWired For Sound EPSometimes, I get sick of the Animal Collectives the world, and just get in the mood for some good old rock and roll. Certain Stars has made an album I can throw on in my car and just rock out to. It’s melodic pop in the vain of Big Star - very high energy, very simple, very driving and upbeat. It’s packed to the … [Read more...]

Deva – Past Present Future

DevaPast Present FutureA Polish recording studio owner and a group of peace-minded R&B enthusiasts walk into a this isn’t a joke. It may actually be an anecdote of how the forces behind Deva’s Past Present Future met. Released by an experimental Polish label, Deva’s debut album is a frequently delicious hodgepodge of American-accented soul … [Read more...]

Maps and Atlases – Tree, Swallows, House EP

Maps and AtlasesTree, Swallows, House EPThe Members of Maps and Atlases met in 2004 while attending Columbia College in Chicago and still reside there although bassist Shiraz DaDa is the only one who calls it home. Vocalist and guitarist Dave Davison hails from Philadelphia, drummer Chris Hainey from Texas and guitarist Erin Elders grew up in Maui. … [Read more...]

The White Stripes – Icky Thump

The White StripesIcky ThumpRemarkably consistent, utterly musical and traditionally focused, The White Stripes are certainly worthy of any of these compliments. With Icky Thump they have proven, yet again, that being musically sound in both songwriting and craftsmanship, while knowing how to exercise instrumentation is key in making a solid album … [Read more...]